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Catfish (Channel) 25.69"

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Largemouth Bass 0 1 1 68.13" 4 -
Catfish/Carp 0 2 2 52.00" 2 $100
Pan/Crappie 0 0 1 10.19" 1 -
Totals 0 3 4 130.31" 7 $100
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Comments (25 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Apr 2, 2008)
Hey you change outfits more than me! Wanna borrow some of my Cover Girl??? ;) "MA"
FISHINMA (posted Apr 1, 2008)
YOUR NUTS!!!! Didn't your MA ever tell you NOT TO JUMP ON SHARKS! "MA" Smiley!!
FISHINMA (posted Mar 31, 2008)
You are TOO flippin FUNNY!!! Love your Tarpon video I finally got a new system and updated! :;) "MA"
FISHINMA (posted Mar 31, 2008)
OH MY GOSH! Your new profile pic IS HILARIOUS!! Fun stuff! "MA" Gotta Love THE SMILE!!
ds305 (posted Mar 19, 2008)
Hey! Thanks dude. Next time try some sand perch. U won't regret it.
Bassdominator (posted Mar 13, 2008)
Only 200 :O LOL Thats still a huge fish. Congrats!
LengthIsAlwaysGood (posted Mar 1, 2008)
damn FL bass... beasts they are. lol
LengthIsAlwaysGood (posted Feb 29, 2008)
Yeah about three years ago the warm water discharge was amazing. Me and my good friend fish busse late at night for walleye behind the damn. man do we slam them. You just need to be carefull not to get cought by the cops. lol . we also make it a goal to fish infont of hotels or those little discharges that you see on the side of the highway. you wount belive some of the stuff that we have pulled from them.
LengthIsAlwaysGood (posted Feb 29, 2008)
hey nice to meet you man, i used to live in naperville, now i am in des plaines. Were do you fish? Busse?
FishingT (posted Feb 27, 2008)
Thanks for the comment and nice pics yourself!! I didn't know that these cats were active in the winter time either, it seems they like the 38 to 45 degree range, but I am also told that its not they are real active but just easier to target them since they somewhat group together and can be found in deeper holes and channels. We caught 25 blue cats last week from 10 to 40 lbs in 45 feet or deeper water!
GitRDoneIke (posted Feb 25, 2008)
Impresive fish!!!
 (posted Feb 25, 2008)
Thanx for the states on that lemon are there nay around texas waters? I'd like to catch one of those.
dragonslayer (posted Feb 21, 2008)
some very cool saltwater photos, the grouper is impressive.
FISHINMA (posted Feb 3, 2008)
Hey Mr. KOOL KIDDO!! Saw your Musky..IMPRESSIVE DUDE!!! I've been trying under the ice and have no luck so far. How'd ya do it?? "MA" Always Smile!
sherryTD (posted Dec 31, 2007)
happy new year
FISHINMA (posted Dec 26, 2007)
OKEEY DOKEEY KIDDO!! You just come on down south & over yonder west...I got presents GALOURE!!!! I might have to teach you a thing or two bout shallow fishin...It's fun!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! "MA"
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Dec 24, 2007)
5 Stars! Merry Xmas! LOL! Mike :)
YoungBasser101 (posted Nov 27, 2007)
how do you get that survey like thing where it says like your fav. species and dream fishing trip
fishone (posted Nov 23, 2007)
Love the video What do you call it "Fish Rodeo"
dustyflair (posted Oct 23, 2007)
bass2525 (posted Oct 20, 2007)
great shark, i will give you a five forsure
sherryTD (posted Oct 19, 2007)
i ended up going to fort desoto pier. i caught a sailcat and two little strippers. let them all go..just the other side some people caught 4 sharks..about 5 foot...really neat
dadduck (posted Aug 27, 2007)
wish I had time to plan for one of these tournaments, went to our cabin not thinking about anything but getting away from work. Had no internet to join in a tournament and caught what would of placed 2nd when I got home. Love some of your photos with the salt water fishing pretty cool. Take a look at my pics from the cabin had some good fishing. See ya around.
Tree (posted Jul 18, 2007)
I have been catching alot I mean my reel literally ripped apart on the last fish yesterday but I got a new one and am all ready to go right when i get off work I also got the camera so I can enter fish plus I have the whole rest of the year paid for I can't wait the first week I would have placed 1st my fish was alot bigger than that 30" and the second week I would have at least placed 3rd with the 30" carp I got sunday.. This week is new and I will go catch another 30" + fish and finally get some much needed money ;P
troller8 (posted Jul 4, 2007)
You are a fish degenerate!! My clients have first and 2nd place Muskies right now and I see you are on your Game......Good luck!!
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