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kneedeep (US)

I'm a self-employed machinist whose boat is usually hooked to the truck when going to work.I find it saves time and gets me to the water and fishing spots well before sunset in the summertime.

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  • About Yourself
    Born and raised in southern Louisiana,I couldn't ask for anything more.The state is called Sportsman Paradise for a reason.Being a cul-de-sac for the Mississippi Flyway,many species of ducks and geese head down here for the winter offering loads of fun for hunters of all ages.Being a Gulf state offers anglers the one of the best saltwater fishing in the world.I grew up fishing reds and specks,largemouth bass,perch,freshwatercatfish and many others.If I had to do it all over again,I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.
  • Favorite species
    My favorite has to be spotted sea trout(called specks down here)..I also love to angle for largemouth bass,tho the species doesn't grow to large sizes.Now and then a 6 or 7 is taken out,but I think the gators keep the population in check.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Has to be a 75lbs.tuna that tested my endurance.It's like hooking a 55 gallon drum full of water with a turbo-jet engine on the back..
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 (posted Dec 10, 2008)
Any canals down around Homestead are good you can fish them year round down here best time is 12 noon when the sun is really kicking they feed better when the waters are warm. But you can find them in many of are lakes down here in South Florida.
FISHINMA (posted Dec 9, 2008)
Hey kneedeep Welcome to Bounty since July! Nice Drums! Why haven't you been in the tourneys!! I have family in Baton Rouge and Donaldsville. Hope to visit them soon so I can play on salt!! Smiles Always! MA
kneedeep (posted Jul 27, 2008)
The end of the school year here in southern Louisiana marks the beginning of fishing season.Fishing rodeos(tournaments) are held just about every weekend and perfect time to catchup and spend time with your family.We enjoy chasing after reds and specks and from time to time I watch the scales to see what fish are NOT being brought in and go after those.All in all it's a fun time,when the weather permits.Actually we fish year around,but the fishing tournaments get us out more often given the different species and weights bought in.
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