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Jwon (CA)

I am just a guy who loves to fish!

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  • About Yourself
    I am just a guy who loves to fish. I never fish enough and its hard to be satisfied when I do. I live in Toronto ON, but I am small town kid and always will be. I try as much as possible to escape the concrete jungle, and step into the real outdoors. If not I try the islands, which can produce. Every year a few friends and I take ten days out of our "busy" schedule to go on a fishing trip. We drive, usually a two day adventure to Lower Manitou Lake outside of Dryden ON. This place is pure heaven, 75 miles from one end to the other, and only around 25 cabins on this lake. This has become a tradition which I intend to keep as one. Fishing has become passion for me and considering I live in Toronto you could only imagine how much fishing I really do. So to stay connected with my love for fishing, I make lures, read mags, spend countless dollars on tackle (which according to my girlfriend I don't need, but according to me I do) and sign up for bounty fishing. So I am looking forward to seeing everyones pics, reading your stories and meeting a few funkies (fish junkies) along the way! Take care,and catch one for me!
  • Favorite species
    Smallmouths and Muskie are my two favorite species. Growing up fishing the Grand River in Ontario gave me a great opportunity to catch smallies, and continues to do so. As for muskie, I am drawn to there illusiveness, sheer strength and size. I have only caught three in my day, but it is the fish of ten thousand casts, so I consider myself lucky. I want to give a shout out to Manitou weather station for making that possible for me. Thanks!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    The one that got away! It was one of my first experiences fishing, which took place on larder lake in NWO, close to the Quebec boarder. A friend and I were fishing out of a canoe, in a small inlet, nearly dusk. We were quite young at the time, around ten, and we knew if we stayed out any later, we would be paying for it. We agreed take a few more casts, which wasn't much of a debate. I think my second cast in, was when my life changed. I don't remeber anything about my presentation, not the lure, the I was reeling, nothing at all. What I do remember is the biggest hit of my life! WHAM! To this day I remember it, and I cannot compare anything to it. I know I was young, but just feeling the strength of that fish has never left me. ZING, my reel going bonkers and so am I. The fish darted from the shore, into to deeper water. Her path was directly under my boat. ZING.... line still emptying off the reel. My rod bending like a contortionist under the canoe, and then SNAP! I think my heart continued to race for the next five minutes. I didn't care that the fish was never pulled in the boat, or the fact I never even saw it. The only thing I cared about was the fact the I didn't get to do that every day. From then on I have been chasing that high like a crackhead, and for the most part I get my fix.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I guess my dream fishing trip would be one that did not end. No bottom to my bag, and the fish plentiful. In reality, I would be satisfied fishing a puddle if I knew there was a fish in it.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Excuses! People know I become irritable when I don't fish, so they just let me.
Comments (3 comments)
Walleyewonder (posted Feb 6, 2011)
Welcome to bounty
Jwon (posted Feb 4, 2011)
Well thank you sir, I am glad to be here.
guideman (posted Feb 4, 2011)
Welcome to Bounty!
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