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JonnyTightLines (US)

Been fishing on and off since I was a little kid but only realized my passion for the sport within recent years. If I'm not working, I'm fishing!

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  • About Yourself
    Middle School Teacher
  • Favorite species
    Largemouth, Striper, Fluke
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable fish was a fish I never landed. Saw a mama mossback sitting in a shallow weed bed and put a weightless Senk right in front of her and she inhaled it. I thought I set the hook but she ran right at me and right under the center of my boat before I could react. She hooked a hard left toward the front of the boat and wrapped around the trolling motor. After 2-3 solid minutes of trying to lift the motor with one hand and keep tension on the rod with the other ... she was gone!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River ... Peacock fishing in the Amazon ... Smallmouth fishing in Champlain
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Oct 23,2014

Bam Fly

Oct 20,2014

7 LB. 3 OZ.

Oct 17,2014

October 11th

Oct 17,2014

October 11th