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johng (US)

i am the master of the bass ter

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Week 196
Largemouth Bass South 17.63"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass South 7 22 44 124.15" 51 $1,760
Crappie (BW) 3 7 8 71.62" 10 $350
Pan/Crappie 1 3 4 54.01" 5 $175
Largemouth Bass 1 1 2 104.76" 5 $75
Sea Trout 1 5 8 98.54" 8 $150
Catfish/Carp 0 0 0 15.00" 1 -
Red Drum 0 0 1 16.00" 1 -
All Trout Slot (22") 0 3 5 94.66" 6 $10
Any Species (18" Slot) 0 1 2 34.96" 2 $55
Any SpeciesX (25" Slot) 0 0 1 19.50" 1 -
Totals 13 42 75 633.19" 90 $2,575
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    My name is johnny g, and I'm a bass magnet! I live in Lake Mary, Florida which is next to Orlando. I grew up in south Miami where I learn all about chatching fish. I've caught pretty much every fish there is in these parts, but my specialty is the Largemouth bass.
  • Favorite species
    large mouths, peacocks,
  • Most Memorable Fish
    A seven pound bass that thought he was a tarpon.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    The Amazon fishing for 20 pound peacocks.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I'll be right back!
Comments (25 comments)
billygoat (posted Jun 16, 2012)
Very nice Hog there sir. Very nice!
slicky (posted Jun 13, 2012)
congrats nice hawg
FISHINMA (posted May 15, 2012)
WOW! That tourney was a toughy! Congrats John! Smiles Always MA
gomwitdawind (posted May 14, 2012)
Dornblaser (posted May 14, 2012)
shannag (posted Jan 31, 2012)
Awesome job on the Crappie tourney!! First cast - sweeeet catch!! Was Great!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Oct 25, 2011)
Nice fish John!
FISHINMA (posted Sep 28, 2011)
Mr. John! Congrats on your 20" baby LMB! Sorry haven't kept up with the game this season...but I was shootin thru your tourneys WOW on your almost 25"er!...and I had too laugh at the Crappy tourney I missed 6" $50!!!LMAO!! Gotta luv it! Smiles Always! MA
slicky (posted Sep 1, 2011)
Congrats! Nice fish
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 29, 2011)
Nice fish John!congrats!
bassindow (posted Apr 11, 2011)
congrats on second bro ! you caught some awesome fish ! lets kick some ass in friday nights tournament !
slicky (posted Apr 11, 2011)
Nice fish.
shannag (posted Jan 24, 2011)
Nice Job baby!!!!! Maybe we can get the BIG BASS this week!!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Dec 13, 2010)
Nice fish John!
shannag (posted Aug 3, 2010)
Great job babe!!! Finally got back in the top three!!!! :)
bassindow (posted Dec 14, 2009)
congrats bud ! Need to ask for another trout tourney ! Lets see if one of us can take it this week also !
dragonslayer (posted Dec 14, 2009)
congrats on the win John. Beautiful fish and tight competition = priceless!
shannag (posted Oct 2, 2009)
We need to plan our next fishing outing honey!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 31, 2009)
Iwas sweatin it out!!!!Another close week, i havent fished that hard since the 1000 tourneys.Good job again! Steve.
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 31, 2009)
Iwas also wondering ? fished my @#$ off this week, couldn't hook anything over 21, had the small bass on a zoom fluke when the big one tried to eat the little one, the big one settled for a brim swimbait instead!just glad she stayed hooked!! Real nice fish you got it will be close!!!! steve.
 (posted Aug 30, 2009)
Ah.. Works slow down here now. Yeah i have been hitting up the Peacocks found some great lakes but you have to fish them of land. I have also been hitting Bonefish hard and Permit if you guys come down let me know we can hook up.
DaleHollowTroller (posted Aug 29, 2009)
I see your on top again,Nnnice!!!!!!
 (posted Aug 27, 2009)
shannag (posted Aug 25, 2009)
Congrats on the latest win!! Nice job!! :)
 (posted Aug 23, 2009)
Whats's up buddy Nice Red hope everything is going good good luck in the tournament.
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