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Igor (CA)

My name is Igor and live in Ontario. and like you all, I love to fish .... Great fishermen aren't born. They have to spend a lifetimetime of neglecting other things to get that way.. Visit Igor's Fishing Adventures on facebook..

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Week 169
Crappie (BW) 12.89"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Smallmouth Bass 2 8 10 104.45" 11 $655
Largemouth Bass North 2 9 10 106.69" 12 $1,450
Musky/Pike 1 6 6 186.43" 6 $225
All Trout Slot (22") 1 3 3 64.89" 3 $327
Walleye 0 0 4 104.56" 5 -
Pan/Crappie 0 2 3 39.50" 3 $90
Yellow Perch 0 1 2 17.62" 2 -
Largemouth Bass 0 0 0 20.56" 1 -
Crappie (BW) 0 1 2 26.27" 2 $50
Totals 6 30 40 670.97" 45 $2,797
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.

My Featured Video

"2010 Early Spring Lake Trout Action.."

Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    I live to fish....or fish to live this is the question?
  • Favorite species
    Big Pike(especially in the winter hand lining them) fish with teeth..
  • Most Memorable Fish
    The one Big Mother of a creature pike that was in the net but exploded threw the net still brought it in again but left with no pic guess she was camera shy..
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Fraser River=B.C Sturgeon or Great Slave Lake=Monster Lakers
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    ????excuses???? ..
Comments (25 comments)
Gmoney (posted Jan 31, 2012)
Congrats on the 2nd place Slabber!
FISHINMA (posted Sep 6, 2011)
That Smallie is a HOG! Congrats Igor! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Aug 2, 2011)
IGOR!!! You needed a bigger fish!lol JK Too close and congrats kiddo! Man that 22" is tough.... Smiles Always! MA
ORNORTHWEST (posted Aug 1, 2011)
awesome fish, great job!
theiceholer (posted May 2, 2011)
you the man congrats on the win see you on the next one allmost forgot nice fish to
FisherWomen (posted May 2, 2011)
Congrats on that beauty of a 1st place trout!
Igor (posted May 2, 2011)
Thanks y'all...close one this week..
Dornblaser (posted May 2, 2011)
Congrats Igor!!
ORNORTHWEST (posted May 2, 2011)
nice job man, nice fish!
FISHINMA (posted May 2, 2011)
HOLY MOLY YOU DID IT! Congrats Igor!!!!! Smiles Always! MA
theiceholer (posted Apr 27, 2011)
looks like you boys up north came to play good job one more place to bump gl 'ice'
FISHINMA (posted Mar 7, 2011)
CONGRATS IGOR!!! Sniffle sniffle I'm licking my 4th place wounds!lol Re Challenge!!! Smiles Always! MA
ORNORTHWEST (posted Mar 7, 2011)
defenetly close......feel pretty honored to be above you....
Walleyewonder (posted Mar 2, 2011)
Thanks Igor , what a rush!
FISHINMA (posted Feb 28, 2011)
I can't believe you let me down!! Was rootin for ya and was SOOOO sure you had a 40"er +++ GREAT CATCH!! I think the one I saw in the hole and the others that snatched my expensive gear were very comparable....AND what an adrenaline rush!! I will figure this ice thing out....yet it hurts my body! Trout now Kiddo! Smiles Always! MA
Igor (posted Jan 20, 2011)
Thanks y'all.
FISHINMA (posted Jan 19, 2011)
CONGRATS IGOR! SOOOOO CLOSE! Nice lookin toofy too! Smiles Always! MA
Igor (posted Jan 17, 2011)
I try and try but usually the 2nd place guy...silvers good though!!
fishinggeek2 (posted Jan 17, 2011)
Nice pike. That was to close for my liking. lol.
Walleyewonder (posted Jan 17, 2011)
Nice 2nd dude... wish I could have come out!
Walleyewonder (posted Jan 14, 2011)
WTG Igor, I hope you can hang on to that lead!!
guideman (posted Nov 25, 2010)
Amazing Lake Trout Video!! Great job!
FISHINMA (posted Sep 14, 2010)
What a Football FATTY! Nice 4th Igor! My arm is tired from pitching last week.. tight lipped rascals is all I can say!lol Smiles Always!..I want a rematch! MA
RippnLipz (posted Sep 13, 2010)
Good job this week. RIPPNLIPZ
Igor (posted Sep 13, 2010)
$50 4th...I am Happy with on a tough weather week...Congrates to all that placed on Gl to everyone in the fututre...Fish on!
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