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guideman (US)

This is me with 2 Tiger Bass caught in my private lake in S.C. I have fished Lake of the Woods, Ont., 51yrs. I lived in Ill. my whole life and moved to S.C. June, 2011. I had a home at Lake of the Ozarks for 17+ years, where I caught all species of fish.

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  • About Yourself
    I have been a freshwater fisherman for almost everything that swims. I go to Lake of the Woods, Canada, every year for smallmouth bass, northern, musky, walleye and crappie. The area I fish also has nice largemouth, as evidenced by my old profile picture. I had a home at Lake of the Ozarks for over 17 years and caught everything that lake offers. My biggest fish include a 50+ lbs. blue cat, a 52 and 1/2 inch musky, a 6+lb. smallmouth and a 7+ lb. largemouth, as well as numerous 2+lb. crappie. I live to fish and practice catch and release, especially on large subjects of all species of fish I catch.
  • Favorite species
    My favorite fish has to be the smallmouth bass. I love the way they usually jump when first hooked and how they fight way beyond the point you would expect them to quit. I love the fact that they rarely give up and constantly test your skills and your tackle. I use light and U.L. spinning gear on them and find this makes for a real challenge. The medium sized smallies are great and the bigger ones always just blow me away on my lighter equipment.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable fish had to be a 20+ lb. northern that I never caught. I was fishing for smallies with U.L. spinning gear when the fish hit a 3 inch grub. The fish started to run at the boat. He then turned back toward shore and purposely beached himself! He then proceeded to wiggle himself around a rock on the shore and then threw himself into the water, naturally trailing my line behind him. As the line tightened around the rock, my partner (Hawker) and I watched helpless as the line split on that rock. We swear that fish knew exactly what he was doing in order to get away. I was very glad I had a witness to this or no one would ever believe this "fish story".
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    This has to be the trip I took my son on to the Northwest Territories at Lac LaMarte. We were about 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. We were very lucky as the weather was wonderful and warm the whole time there. We caught northern pike up to 31+ lbs. and lake trout up to 35+ lbs. The sun did not go down until very late and it did not get really dark until after 2AM in the morning. The food and facilities were outstanding and our guide had a great sense of humor and put us on tremendous fish. We would go back in a heartbeat. It was a trip of a lifetime! You can see the pictures in my NWT album and read the whole story in my NWT story.
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guideman (posted Mar 17, 2016)
We are again nearing the month of May. My son and I will be heading up to Lake of the Woods as we approach Memorial Day. This will be my 53rd year at Youngs Wilderness Camp. It's hard to believe this many years and trips have passed by so quickly! I am hoping we have another really spectacular trip and the group I bring up from South Carolina does as well as in previous years. We shall see soon enough. I hope to post many new pictures and tell yet another story of a great trip into the Canadian wilderness shared with my son and our good friends.
guideman (posted May 3, 2015)
The 2015 Canada trip is coming up later this month. We will have a group of 13 guys coming up to Young's Lodge from South Carolina this year. We will, hopefully, be posting several pictures from this trip at the beginning of June. Any Bounty friends are welcome to plan NOW and join us in 2016. This year will now be my 52nd year at this lodge, so you all can figure out that I keep going back because every year it gets better and better. Check out the pics from previous years in my albums for actual proof.
guideman (posted May 3, 2014)
My Canada trip is coming up by the end of May. I will be posting (hopefully) some nice pictures when we get back. This will be my 51st year at this lodge and I am taking several of my S.C. buddies up this year. If any of my Bounty friends want to join me next year, please let me know and I will set you up with the lodge. It is a 5STARS+ all inclusive island lodge located in the Lake of the Woods wilderness! Check out all of my previous years pictures and stories from Canada!
massman (posted Nov 3, 2013)
hey whats up i finaly got to creek fish up here in mo landed some google eye how you doing
cooldaddycatch (posted Dec 24, 2012)
yeah im just getting started and feeling out the site more it to come.
SimcoeMatt (posted Dec 22, 2012)
Thanks for adding me as a friend! I am fortunate enough to have some of, if not THE, best smallmouth fishing in the world. Just waiting for the lakes to freeze over here for some ice fishing
vandam (posted Dec 21, 2012)
Thank you for the comment. My friend won it with 4 lmb weighing over 15#
guideman (posted Oct 25, 2012)
Who'da ever thunk I would get that many page views? Thanks to ALL my Bounty friends and everybody who checks out my pictures!
gomwitdawind (posted Oct 20, 2012)
HAPPY 50,000 JACK!
Chrisper4694 (posted Sep 19, 2012)
i put a spicey crust on my first batch! YUM! TG vacuum froze the rest of it for me, going to see what else i can cook up soon!
adam37620 (posted Jul 21, 2012)
thanks for the welcome glad to be here
SimcoeMatt (posted Jul 15, 2012)
Thanks for the comments. The smallmouth fishing has been on fire this year!
billygoat (posted Jun 17, 2012)
Thank You, you cathch some really nice fish yourself. Gotta take spider man along, he;s good luck !
Hosbogs (posted Jun 7, 2012)
New pics are awesome!!!!!!
Joecoolwithabigfish (posted May 21, 2012)
Thanks for the big welcome.. Nice profile you got here..
Thundergator (posted Mar 13, 2012)
thanks for the comment Jack
Thundergator (posted Mar 4, 2012)
17 1/2 inch bass not quite as big as your tigers but a nice Bass for Jersey
FISHINMA (posted Feb 21, 2012)
Thanks Jack! Yep us girlies can rock once in awhile!lol! Hey how about coming over to help me catch a Tigger Musky through unsafe ice this weekend??? I was going to sign up for that BUT I don't think I have a 15 ft plank to get out on 6"...need rubby raft! Smiles Always! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jan 23, 2012)
Thank you!
Dornblaser (posted Oct 14, 2011)
Thank you again for all your kind words, awesome fish you catch too!
Hosbogs (posted Aug 23, 2011)
slicky (posted Aug 1, 2011)
Thanks , looks like you've been catching some nice bass yourself .
massman (posted Jun 27, 2011)
great fish pics
FISHINMA (posted Jun 22, 2011)
Thank you Jack for ALL the kind words!!! Boy oh Boy I think this is the Year of the fishies! Crazy fun with many species for us here in flooded out N. Utah! Looks like you are havin fun yourself! Luvs! Smiles Always! MA
Dahlilama (posted Jun 7, 2011)
I bow my head to the guideman, what a trip! I will post pics from my trip to Chippewa Flowage this upcoming weekend! Hope all is well for the move!
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