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Greggofish (US)

I fish....alot

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Week 116
Largemouth Bass South 23.90"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass 4 10 12 126.06" 12 $2,700
Largemouth Bass South 2 15 16 122.88" 17 $1,715
Pan/Crappie 1 2 3 43.38" 3 $1,010
Catfish/Carp 0 1 1 29.00" 1 -
Red Drum 0 1 1 24.50" 1 -
Channel Catfish 0 0 1 27.50" 1 -
Totals 7 29 34 373.32" 35 $5,425
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (25 comments)
tattoomarc (posted Aug 16, 2010)
thanks man i was down all day because i try to live the best i can for me and my kids and i didnt want anyone to think i was trying to be slick. best luck
ShallowBeast (posted Aug 16, 2010)
Nice fish!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 16, 2010)
Nice fish Greg and good win!!
tattoomarc (posted Aug 16, 2010)
hear my story? crazy huh? what are the chances of someone catchin the same fish (10 lbs or bigger) twice within two weeks on the same jig (im not a live bait guy). anyways congrats thats a nice fishy
slicky (posted Jul 20, 2010)
Thanks, you're right about the urgency. After missing 2 big fish I finally landed this one, what a relief. That was my first tournament ever. Looking forward to competing this week and in the future
D-Love (posted Jun 29, 2010)
Heard someone yelling over there " OH MY THATS a NICE FISH, oh thats a big fish, OHHH thats a big fish" sounded like they were having a good time! I Knew i was safe for time being when i heard the yelling because greggofish dosent always yell out his hot bounty bite like that., ha,ha. Im sure we'll see one or two Griffins on the board before the weeks over! Caught a few nice ones at my spot but not the bounty fish i needed. Made a last minute move that paid off! Nice fish!, need bigger though to compete with the Griffins!. Good luck, tight lines! PS: Need to start thinking drum, big drum!Mid-August is right around the corner and Im getting fired up!
FISHINMA (posted Jun 16, 2010)
Okay... What the heck did you catch it on? Congrats Mr. Greggo again! I wonder why I'm not your friend after all these years?!LOL I just noticed you were never mine. Your official nick name is "Greggo Again" If you don't like it.. so what!;) Smiles Always! MA
D-Love (posted Jun 11, 2010)
Had a pretty good eveing on the lake without a code, got a code now and a few weapons left in my arsenal for the morn! Good to see you on the lake keeping NC on the top! I'll be gunning for ya in the morn!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 31, 2009)
You didn't realize there hearing was that good! she didnt get the catch and release memo!2nd all time???? its hard enough to stay ahead of you guys!!!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 31, 2009)
Another nice fish, you must be on one heck of a school of fish! i must of caught 100 fish under 18 inches this week!
pockets (posted Aug 8, 2009)
I got to say you are committed .I saw you trying to catch one for 14 hours at the lake. good job they told me you like to wait until the last two days to rake!!!!!!!!!!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 27, 2009)
Did that thing have teeth?WOW!!!! Smiley! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jul 27, 2009)
DAAAAAAAAM! Thats,nice fish!! a pig! the one i got 2 weeks ago was 10.13 ,nice win!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jul 20, 2009)
I think ginger needs a pond , i;m not seeing many fish! from his lakes????
GingerFish (posted Jul 13, 2009)
im glad you beat the pond fisher that was in first
GingerFish (posted Jul 11, 2009)
is this one gonna be alomost the exact same size to?
FISHINMA (posted Jul 6, 2009)
Congrats Greg! Nice LM! Smiley! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jun 16, 2009)
23.75 caught a few nice fish!! nice win!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jun 15, 2009)
Nice fish, good win! I left my glasses on ! that wont happen again! good luck, N.C/FLA showdown!!!
FISHINMA (posted Jun 15, 2009)
Sweet WIN!! Those are some pretty cute bermudas you got on! Smiley! MA
massman (posted Jun 13, 2009)
glad to see you on boards this week good luck
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jun 13, 2009)
Nice going cant wait to see the Hog!!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jun 12, 2009)
And he creeps out from shadows!!
fishdit (posted Jun 1, 2009)
Good luck this week buddy!
massman (posted Jan 19, 2009)
nice pics
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