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Gord (CA)

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Week 83
Crappie (BW) 13.25"

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Yellow Perch 0 1 1 12.86" 1 $75
Crappie (BW) 0 0 0 13.25" 1 -
Totals 0 1 1 26.11" 2 $75
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (8 comments)
dragonslayer (posted Sep 19, 2009)
welcome back gord! pickerel lake was good, some nice walleye, bass, and a few pike. your wife's pickerel record was safe!!
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Jan 17, 2009)
That kind of exclusion is flattering and compliments your supreme fishing aptitude! Welcome to BountyFishing, Mister Pyzer :)
Igor (posted Jan 13, 2009)
ya I have those same kind of friends one was on this site for a year b4 I found out and threw a third party at that.I have told almost every fishing friend and many strangers that I have met on the lakes..welcome aboard I love it more to brang about when we catch a bigger one..It makes us feel like a pro too.again nice to have you aboard and most will anxiously wait for tips and stories from a known fishing celebrity by the way I am a big fan and love your read your write ups in Ont out of doors..your competitor Igor
AdamCox (posted Jan 4, 2009)
Welcome aboard Gord!
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Dec 30, 2008)
Bigger the better! Same goes for competitors!!!! Welcome to bounty! Mike :)
Richard (posted Dec 17, 2008)
Bounty has that effect on people. Competition for Cash = Antiviral.
Gord (posted Dec 17, 2008)
Thank you! I see a lot of friends on this board, and none of them ever told me about it. Hmmm .... :
dragonslayer (posted Dec 16, 2008)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!
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