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gknoop33 (US)

I am a Wisconsin native and I live for fishing. If it didn't cost money I wouldn't most likely have a job. I love fishing for pike, small mouth bass, and big crappies. Its hard to beat northwest Wisconsin's lakes.

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klechnir (posted Jun 16, 2009)
G! Hows CO treatin yahh?
aageditch (posted Jun 4, 2009)
How are the trout? Sick of eatin them yet?
aageditch (posted May 29, 2009)
thanks buddy, too bad you weren't around for another week cuz it's gettin good now
klechnir (posted Jun 3, 2008)
i got drew to make one today so he just has to confirm it
aageditch (posted Jun 2, 2008)
dirty dogfish, you would
aageditch (posted Jun 2, 2008)
I'll admit I was guided but if I remember correctly I think it was my turn, so I guess it was alotta skill
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