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GitRDoneIke (US)

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  • About Yourself
    18 years old. I like to Bow Hunt, Fish, play sports, and really anything outdoors.
  • Favorite species
    Redfish!! Large Mouth Bass is a close 2nd. An Sharks are always good!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    A 44" Bull Red caught while night fishing with some friends.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I've always thought it would be pretty cool to go Peackock Bass fishing. Also I'd like to try some off shore fishing and have a long fight with a big fish. Also Bowfishing would be pretty cool.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I'm not married so I don't need one!!! ha ha ha
Comments (25 comments)
jr3 (posted Jun 16, 2009)
Hey I'm looking to buy downrigger weights; if you are wanting to get rid of some let me know.
fishdit (posted May 20, 2009)
Fish it up!
 (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Looks like your a serious fisherman too! i feel it would be a disservice not to let you know about this. I recently checked out and i was amazed how much better it is! Its a BRAND NEW online fishing tournament website that allows you to fish against anglers from your region. That just makes much more sense! i signed up for free and i am already discussing my game plan with other anglers from my area. You can even get recent updates on where the fish are in your area. I hope to see you on the leaderboard and good luck!
KINGF1SHER (posted Dec 20, 2008)
Nice Name. Kingfisher GIT-R-DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matthoops3314 (posted Oct 21, 2008)
Hey buddy. I'm 17 too and I love to fish and hunt as much as you. I imagine it would be awesome to live in Texas. I'm looking at colleges right now and the only criteria I have so far are: 1. good places to fish 2. good places to hunt Haha, my family thinks I'm crazy but for the most part they support my addiction. Are you gunna compete on this site when you turn?
Dually (posted Mar 26, 2008)
Do you fish in Texas? If so where and for what? If you dont mind me asking.
Joelxx20 (posted Mar 11, 2008)
yea i fish for bass i like to go to ponds at night and fish a frog on top of pond scum and use buzzbaits and thump the blades off of cattails
FloridaBoi (posted Mar 10, 2008)
How did the trout fishing go? i could not catch any good size fish.
windyridgefarm (posted Mar 8, 2008)
Thanks for the greeting. Good luck this year.
lenny (posted Mar 6, 2008)
Thanks for the welcome , hope to get this thing going and do some fishing!
RedNeckBasser (posted Mar 5, 2008)
Thank's for the welcome! I'm glad to be here.
brytorr04 (posted Mar 5, 2008)
Give the married part a couple more years, the excuses will start flowing like water.
CortezFisherman (posted Mar 5, 2008)
Hey Ike... I thought I would see you on top of the leaderboard by now... What happened catfish got your bait?
Perchy (posted Mar 3, 2008)
Thanks it was my first time had fun good luck in your tournament. Perchy
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Mar 3, 2008)
GL this week IKE GIT R DONE! Mike :)
DigitalDave (posted Mar 2, 2008)
Hey there bud didn't have a chance to wieght that dolphin but she was a nice cow. We lost the bull that day which was huge and at least we got to see him come skyrocketing out of the water. That was went the hook came out. Oh well Thanks man she was tasty! Enough fish for the family and we all had coconut battered dolphin that night.
FloridaBoi (posted Mar 1, 2008)
i tried today but could not a thing could not fnd the trout the water was way to cold.the bait was there but the trout was not.i got a couple of short snook and jacks today was not good!
UncleTout01 (posted Feb 29, 2008)
i will only be able to fish two days of this trout tourny...hopefully i will find a godd one
LengthIsAlwaysGood (posted Feb 29, 2008)
Hey thanks buddy just getting started here. got many new pictures to post .. Good Luck!!!
FloridaBoi (posted Feb 28, 2008)
im startin this weekend for the trout!
FishingT (posted Feb 27, 2008)
Hey ike, the smaller blue cat was 20 lbs and the larger one was 42 lbs. They are a blast!
FishingT (posted Feb 27, 2008)
Thanks for the comments! I think I am getting addicted to catching these flathead's and blue cats! I love catching channels cats as well, but only been able to get one 11 lber so far, this year gonna go with the big bait big fish theory!
walt (posted Feb 27, 2008)
yea man it was awesome!
GitRDoneIke (posted Feb 27, 2008)
Florida Boi: YEP!!! DEFINATLEY fishing it!!! We need ALL the trout fishermen we can get!!
walt (posted Feb 27, 2008)
yea man we went the weigh-ins and and the expo center where bill dance an all those guys were
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