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freshwaterphi (CA)

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  • About Yourself
    Just another fishing addict.
  • Favorite species
    Love em all.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    150 LB Manta Ray in Miami beach off pier.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Toss up between Yukon/NWT laker / monster pike or Florida Tarpons.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Got nothing better to do.
Comments (23 comments)
peire (posted Jan 26, 2011)
That is a HUGE carp! Carp are the "forgotten fighters". I love catching carp as they are very powerful fish that will deifnately give any angler a tremendous challenge! Additonally they are great for some young anlger fun as well!
guideman (posted Nov 22, 2010)
I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Great fish! Way to go!!
Doelcamffej (posted Feb 18, 2010)
Hi, I saw you commented on the Gar Pic that you have been to the Trinity River area in pursuit. I'm planning a trip down maybe March break, do you have any recomendations in regards to guides or bodies of water? and time of year for a Canadian to go down? Thanks
troller8 (posted Jan 30, 2010)
no gefilte?
JohnnyCanuck (posted Aug 10, 2009)
h0metwnher04 (posted May 22, 2009)
Haha Im the lucky one who got to clean them, took less than an hour.
Walleyewonder (posted May 13, 2009)
Hey thanks for the salmon tip......same spot on the river and all....chris
freshwaterphi (posted May 6, 2009)
OK, biggest carp is now up to 32.5 lbs. Hope to top that again this season...
KEVERS (posted Feb 23, 2009)
perogies with the fish
TMAS (posted Feb 19, 2009)
Coyotes gotta eat sometime!
pikeman93 (posted Jan 27, 2009)
i always wanted to catch some of those heavy weight giant carps like you did....any tips?? i am in montreal RDP
freshwaterphi (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Biggest carp was 26 lbs, 34 inches. I do belive the fish was a Spanish mackerel, caught it fishing on Kelley's fleet at off Miami beach.
FishingT (posted Jan 24, 2009)
You got some nice fish pics and lot of variety. I like to target a bunch of different stuff as well! Whats you biggest carp and is that a spanish mackeral you got in your pics! Nice!
KEVERS (posted Nov 27, 2008)
Phil your missin out on some great early ice fishing, and if i wait for 4 inches of ice i could be watin till Jan, 2 inches is the minnimum on average size lakes, even less than 2 on small lakes which i am fishing.
BigGene (posted Nov 2, 2008)
Thanks for the comment, best of luck to you when you get down here, they're on their way for sure, getting bigger every week
freshwaterphi (posted Sep 1, 2008)
Yeah, I got a bunch of Pissed off Brits after me a couple years back, I was accused of "mistreating" carp because I killed some for some poor folk too eat. I know all about the clubs, they actually pre-bait the areas I fish in, so I can't complain too much about them. Looks like the've been able too make something out of the dying Long Sault shore fishing situation for other species, the only real success I've had shore fishing there besides carp was for Northern Pike, but they're getting very scarce lately. I know have a boat out in Lake St Francis near Lancaster, the fishery for bass, walleye pike and perch is really great there. Then again, I've never tried boat fishing at Long Sault. I've hear about the bird sanctuary at Morrisburg, I haven't been fishing down that far yet as I'm from Montreal.
fishing4tails (posted Aug 19, 2008)
tweinz (posted Aug 18, 2008)
hey freshwater, long sault is good for carp. i grew up in long sault and spent many summers at the first bridge. i love the good fight of a carp, but any more there is to much carp there. the bass and walleye has really gone down the tubes there. The canadian carp club has taken that area right over. at the bird sanctuary in morrisburg i noticed a sign that prohibits the carp clubs from fishing there. atleast i think thats what it meant. I never see the europeans there so they must have made it a law. at one time there used to be a huge bow tourny in longsault for carp. it was pretty big, alot of people would come from the states and other places. i used to shoot them with the bow, it was nothing for us to shoot 50-100 in a day. sometimes if you were lucky you could shoot through one carp into another and get two at a time. there is another european who set up a carp club in morrisburg. that whole area of the st lawrence is over populated with carp. i think its time to start culling some of them off. the carp clubs dont like that though. they are making a fortune with all the europens that come over. carp is becoming a money business there and its throwing off the balance of the river. but i still love the fight of a carp.
freshwaterphi (posted Jun 17, 2008)
I would trade our carp for many of your saltwater species. Still waiting for the dept of wildlife to stock tarpons in the St Lawrence River...
CaptainKimo (posted Jun 9, 2008)
Nice carp catches. I wish we had as much carp action down here in S. Florida.
FISHINMA (posted May 21, 2008)
Yep a TRUE MAN! CARP AND BEER!lol Gotta love it! Hey dude you into Kitty Kats(Channel) if so need to sign up on the Thread "NEED catfish in tourney" We gotta get 40 to get the tourney! GL with them big fishies! I love to rubby raft for carp "CARP POWER" not Horse power!.lol Smiles Always! MA
freshwaterphi (posted Jul 17, 2007)
I think she might have snapped my line a few weeks ago, I guess I'll have to catch her again once she puts on another 5-10 lbs.
Lonnie (posted Jun 8, 2007)
A carp angler from Quebec and Ontario - man after my own heart. I'm looking to catch a 50lb carp - have you seen her??
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