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FlacidBaits (US)

I'm Bart, and I love fishing. Mainly for bass, but will settle for anything that will bite. Except turtles. I love talking with other anglers, and always look forward to it. But not now. The fish are bitin'! Gotta go!

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  • About Yourself
    I'm Bart Giles. I have been fishing as long as I could hold a pole. I grew up in Texas fishing on the amazing Lake Amistad. So I have tangled with my share of big bass. I now live in Florida, where I run an online fishing lure company, I enjoy saltwater fishing, but I love freshwater. I will fish just about anywhere to catch a bass.
  • Favorite species
    The Largemouth Bass. What else is there to fish for?
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My best fish would have to be a beautiful 11 lb. Lake Amistad lunker.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Fishing the rivers of Venezuela for giant peacock bass!
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I was supposed to go to school, but I was having an eye problem and just couldn't see myself showing up.
Comments (5 comments)
floyd (posted Apr 8, 2009)
Having a site that worked would definitely be a plus
Zabidah (posted Mar 29, 2009)
Tried going to your website but it's down.
MATMAN (posted Feb 29, 2008)
Hey man your sight is alright your lures look pretty good to, but the pricing seems a little high. I would totally buy some if they were a little cheaper.
GitRDoneIke (posted Jan 25, 2008)
Nice site!! That Rollo Lure looks pretty neat!
FlacidBaits (posted Nov 30, 2007)
Hey everyone! I'm looking for some feedback. If you visit my lure site, please tell what you think. I want to know your thoughts on pricing, the positives, negatives, the ease of using it, adn anything else you can think of. You can do that by either posting a comment or there are feedback forms on the on the Fisherman's Page, and the Contact Us Page. So check it out a (thers's a link above). Thank you! I truly appreciate it! -Bart Giles
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