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FishSlayer83 (US)

Born to fish and that is what I do. I try to fish at least 3 days a week. Grew up on trout fishing in Utah. Moved to Washington about 12 years ago really got into salmon. Just started bass fishing and I am hooked. Nothing is better than fishing! NOTHING!

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Week 69

Caught by:   FishSlayer83 (US) / Nic Farley
Caught in: Washington
Species: Smallmouth Bass
Length: 21.25"
Caught on: Jun 30, 2009
Lure: Crayfish imitation

Last cast is always the best cast. Always catch and release.


Jul 20,2014


Jul 19,2014

30 pound flathead

Jul 17,2014

Chinook with finn

Jul 17,2014

29 inch lake kagawong fattie