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elfish16 (US)

My name is Eric Elshere and live in Ventura, CA. I am a prolific bass angler fish lakes such as Lake Casitas and Lake Castaic. Homes to GIANTS!

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Comments (4 comments)
dragonslayer (posted Jul 8, 2009)
welcome to bounty! Serious bass in your pic! Post more!
mom (posted Jul 2, 2009)
thanks guy i wan to learn more about fishing
mom (posted Jul 2, 2009)
nice fish in winnipeg we get big cat fish
fishdit (posted Jun 21, 2009)
Welcome to Bounty!
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Oct 25,2014

PB Beast Smallie!

Oct 23,2014

Bam Fly

Oct 20,2014

7 LB. 3 OZ.

Oct 17,2014

October 11th