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dustyflair (US)

Fishing with me is like eating fine BBQ, bear down on the MEAT and ease up on the tater salad.

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Week 72
Crappie (Pan) 15.56"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Pan/Crappie 5 15 18 80.21" 18 $3,690
Totals 5 15 18 80.21" 18 $3,690
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.

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Comments (25 comments)
dustyflair (posted Oct 13, 2011)
Moved to Fla, Gmoney. Gave up crappie, moving on to Redfish and name a few
Gmoney (posted Sep 1, 2011)
Whats your 20 Dusty?
FISHINMA (posted Oct 26, 2009)
Where were you last week??? GEEZ what slabs they were pullin out! Smiley! MA
rainbow (posted Aug 3, 2009)
Don't be depressed Dusty Mother nature can be a {####} sometimes . Up north here we have not had summer Yet Nites are cool + rain every other day , Very unstable weather this Yr ..... BK
dustyflair (posted Aug 2, 2009)
WELL WELL WELL...It rained 11 inches down here since Monday. Lake's 2 feet above it's bank. I COULD NOT CATCH A FISH. NOT ONE. I'm depressed!
bassnrat (posted Aug 1, 2009)
good luck on a slap ,ill be lucky if this one will stay in the top 10 .my best lake got slammed by a storm and trees and other debree is in the middle of the boat ramp and thiers only the one ramp,
rosettastoned (posted Jul 31, 2009)
thanks and good luck to you as well!!
Jepu (posted Jul 28, 2009)
Thanks Dusty, good luck to yourself as well. Nice win last week.
Gmoney (posted Jul 27, 2009)
Nice win!I got pretty lazy in this tourney........Its just too damn hot right now!Im not that mad at those fish at this moment.....Come October,I'll be Perch jerkin' more often.
bassnrat (posted Jul 26, 2009)
3 days of storms killed me but i tried like hell, thanks-good luck and good fishing
Jepu (posted Jul 24, 2009)
I see your on top of your game again this week, awsome.
CHRISCANTRELL (posted Jul 22, 2009)
good luck in the turny!
Jepu (posted Jul 21, 2009)
Thanks for the comment, good luck to yourself as well, youve got some beautiful crappies on your tournament page.
dustyflair (posted Jun 28, 2009)
Headed to Florida for vacation. WILL MISS THE $250 crappie tourney this week. BE GLAD AW, as I was on the big fish again. I wonder if the "night" fisherman will appear in this one???
Gmoney (posted Jun 20, 2009)
Whats up Dusty?Nice to see you back on the boards!!I JUST GOT BUMPED!!Dammit!XD
UltraLight (posted Jun 16, 2009)
Saw your user name on the leader board, love it man! Good luck to you
massman (posted Jun 6, 2009)
thank u
lildiggy (posted May 18, 2009)
Remember to hold fish Horizontally for the fish with angler picture! Thats what got me, $200 mistake, you can bet I'll be paying alittle more attention next time!! Good luck this week, I hope to see some nice slabs!
massman (posted May 17, 2009)
good luck this week
lildiggy (posted May 15, 2009)
Thanks, I'm on some decent fish, but the biggest I've seen this season is around 13", but I'll keep digging.
Gmoney (posted May 14, 2009)
Thankx dude!The wind here is 18-20...gusting to 25.....Jeezzzzz......
Gmoney (posted May 12, 2009)
And another one bites the dust........Nice Win!!
FISHINMA (posted May 11, 2009)
CONGRATS! I see you were moonlightin! That's what I should of done w/ Bassattttic and TMAS They Slayed em by the light of the moon!! Smiles Always! MA
massman (posted May 11, 2009)
congrats on your will way to go
Steve P
Steve P (posted May 9, 2009)
Those last 24hrs are a nail bitter!!!! steve
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