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Donovan (CA)

here kitty kitty kitty......

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Week 113
Channel Catfish North 35.46"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Channel Catfish North 2 2 3 107.18" 3 $315
Walleye 0 0 1 66.75" 3 -
Pan/Crappie 0 1 1 38.06" 3 $50
Catfish/Carp 0 2 2 75.08" 2 $200
Smallmouth Bass 0 0 0 18.00" 1 -
Channel Catfish 0 1 1 36.61" 1 $50
Totals 2 6 8 341.68" 13 $615
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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"Trophy Channel Catfish Hunting with Blackwater Cats ProGuide
Donovan Pearase"

Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    32, single, self employed, I love fishing, hunting, hockey, and beer!
  • Favorite species
    all of them!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    too many good stories. can't pick
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    amason river basin for big catfish with doug stange
Comments (24 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Aug 31, 2010)
WEEHAW! Another first CONGRATS Donavon! You weren't kidding when you said "game on" Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted May 26, 2010)
Well on your part Kiddo it would be MONSTERALOUS catchin!...and yep I DO need to take you up on that! Congrats Donovan it's a BEAUT! I did have fun with the smallies snatchin my kitty bait!lol Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted May 22, 2010)
I'm signed up tomorrow just to kick your tush!lol I gotta try just because I think I found a honey hole in Idaho!GL with the top! Always Smile! MA
FISHINMA (posted Sep 28, 2009)
WTG! Boy I just love looking at those big ol kitties up there! Smiles Always! MA
AdamCox (posted Sep 24, 2009)
looks like you're still alive!!!! let the bumping begin :)
FISHINMA (posted Jul 28, 2009)
WOW Donavon! You and Chris were .02" difference. You gotta stretch that gal out more next time!lol Keep Smiling! MA
dragonslayer (posted Dec 10, 2008)
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Nov 25, 2008)
dude, ur #1 on the VIP list! i expect to see you if (and only if) it's calm - sunny - and warm, cinderalla ;)
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Nov 6, 2008)
so a few little waves kept you from making a giant comeback at pine falls????
AdamCox (posted Aug 13, 2008)
Nice Slab Donovan!
FISHINMA (posted Aug 11, 2008)
Nice ONE!! Glad you got Ins. on that motor. Don't spend that $50 all in the same gas tank now! Smiles Always! "SKUNKED"
FISHINMA (posted Aug 4, 2008)
Quit it out Donavon! It's only Monday!lol By the way your SM last week was a sweetie!!! Tight race! GL this week! Better watch out for my whoppers!lol It's supposed to be a ucky day for me horoscope says!LOL Always Smile! MA
FISHINMA (posted Jul 31, 2008)
You got bumped baby! Get back out there and show us the $$$!;) MA
FISHINMA (posted Jul 29, 2008)
Hey SMUG!! Those SM like your kitty bait like mine do? GL this week! Smiles! MA
RaiderNation (posted Jul 22, 2008)
Nice channel!!....Eric
rainbow (posted Jul 21, 2008)
What a great Battle Donovan !! Congrats on Third !!! It was fun to watch the Board all week !!!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 21, 2008)
Congrats on 3rd Donavan! You guys have some MASSIVE kitties up there in the foam! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Jul 16, 2008)
Hey you beat my Eye by 1/2"..Now you beat me to the boards on kitty week! WUZ up with that?? GL kiddo! Smiles! MA
FISHINMA (posted Jul 2, 2008)
Hey Kiddo! You bumped my minnow!!lol GL this week! Smiles Always! MA
Donovan (posted Mar 11, 2008)
AdamCox (posted Mar 4, 2008)
CFH whats with the handle switch-off?
Donovan (posted Feb 12, 2008)
lost a money fish on sunday night!!! amateur hour on the
FISHINMA (posted Feb 12, 2008)
And here goes week 21! Your on the boards wahoo!! Nice eye last week!! Good eatin!! "MA" Smiles Love your profile!!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 16, 2007)
SWEET KITTY!!! Welcome and Good luck! " MA " P.S. Let's see a profile dude.
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