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docav (US)

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    I am married to Linda and have three girls, Brittaney, Courtney and Sierra. I am a full time sales rep and tournament angler. I am also on the Pro/Field Staff for the following companies: JDC Baits, Save Phace, Reel Grip, Optimum Baits, Secret Weapon Lures, e21 Fishing Rods, Bassaholics, Ardent Outdoors. Mustad and Vicious Fishing Line.
  • Favorite species
    smallies, largies and spots
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Mexico bass fishing or maybe the Cal Delta
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Kevo62 (posted Aug 12, 2008)
Good to see you join up Doug.
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Mar 1,2015

5.4 lb speckle trout

Feb 25,2015

Iced carp

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Another pizza perch

Feb 25,2015

Hog perch