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DaleHollowTroller (US)

Fish in pictures may be larger than they appear,I'm 6 ft 7in

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"Trophy southern muskies and walleyes in Dale Hollow lake"

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  • About Yourself
    I fish Dale Hollow Lake, home of the World Record Small Mouth Bass.We catch small mouth,walleye,muskies,rainbow&brown trout
  • Favorite species
    trout,walleye,small mouth&muskie
  • Most Memorable Fish
    New years day 09 I landed just over 10lbs of smallie when I doubled up on one rod while trolling for rainbows.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Guiding DHL, putting people on fish and seeing them smile.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I landscape for a living so I've told many a customer that I'm lined out that day.
Comments (25 comments)
SimcoeMatt (posted Jul 1, 2013)
Season has been open for a week now up here. Were on them. at least one over five pounds every trip so far
SimcoeMatt (posted Jan 29, 2013)
Where are all the DHL pig smallies Dave?
SimcoeMatt (posted Jun 27, 2011)
It's on like donkey kong! My kids caught their biggest bass ever. I'm having trouble downloading the pictures to the sight. I put up a couple pics Saturday but nothing Sun or today. How are you making out down there?
SimcoeMatt (posted May 29, 2011)
27 days to the smallmouth opener up here!
Dornblaser (posted Apr 29, 2011)
Thanks Dave! Good Luck..looking forward to the pics!
aageditch (posted Apr 5, 2011)
Hey Dave, How have things been goin down there? Any skis lately? I can't wait for opener!!!!
 (posted Mar 27, 2011)
Thanks for the comment, you got some nice ones also.
ORNORTHWEST (posted Mar 8, 2011)
dave, it was way too tight....and he was a buzzer beater bow...triple B
ORNORTHWEST (posted Mar 6, 2011)
thanks alot dave, im super pumped, might just get my first bounty check....certainly not last
SimcoeMatt (posted Mar 5, 2011)
Thanks Dave. You going to take me out the last minute with a DHL bow?
ORNORTHWEST (posted Feb 10, 2011)
what are you charging per seat in ur boat...u can pm if you want...thanks dave
ORNORTHWEST (posted Feb 10, 2011)
you like that vid, swear it could be the back round to a xxx
SimcoeMatt (posted Feb 5, 2011)
are Season opens after they spawn. If it is a cool spring, sometimes the males are still on the spawn beds first week of the season. The hog females are long gone
SimcoeMatt (posted Feb 4, 2011)
Smallmouth season opens last Saturday in june:( .
comegetchasome (posted Jan 21, 2011)
I can see that you have a lake full of monster! If i ever get down there i will be getting ahold of you so you can send me in the right direction !
MrsKonrad (posted Dec 27, 2010)
thanks for the welcome. I may just hide all their tackle and what not for myself now since I will be going against them now as well. only thing is, I know all their secrets and even gave them their name. so, we'll see if i can be the one to take them down haha
dragonslayer (posted Dec 2, 2010)
Dave, on a fly rod sight fishing gar are an absolute blast!
guideman (posted Nov 29, 2010)
Dave, You have great pictures and produce amazing fish. guideman aka Jack
FISHINMA (posted Nov 15, 2010)
Dave are you still MIA? What happened? I wimped out in snow storm but still caught a couple smallies and a stinky carp!lol No eyes drat! Smiles Always!MA
fisherman35 (posted Nov 13, 2010)
SimcoeMatt (posted Nov 12, 2010)
At least your catching fish! I would have thought the cat was a big eye too, the way they bull dog. Chris is fishing the bay of Quinte, this time of year till spring, I don't know of any other spot that compares for quality walleye, he's going to be tough to beat. Good luck on the weekend
SimcoeMatt (posted Nov 11, 2010)
No eyes, for me dave. the first two weeks of november is deer season. I put my fishing pole away and pick up the rifle. I have quit jobs just to go deer hunting, its non-negotiable. I see my buddy Chris is in first, where are the DHL monsters?
SimcoeMatt (posted Oct 25, 2010)
Lake Simcoe is about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The tournament was held at thr north end where I live in Orillia. It holds a variety of species, pretty much everything you can think of. It is also known as the perch capitol of north america. There is lots of info on the net if you want to know more. I have fished it for almost thirty years now, and have not found any lake that compares (maybe DHL?)
SimcoeMatt (posted Oct 24, 2010)
Hey dave, check the Canadian Record Weight link I posted if you want to see some simcoe hog smallies
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