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Dago (MX)

Mexican Bass Angler involved on Pro Tournamens in Mexico,TV Show, Magazines and web sites oriented to Bass Fishing

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"Topwater fishing in Cuchillo Lake, Mexico"

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  • About Yourself
    Im really involved in Bass Fishing in Mexico. Tournaments, Video, Websites,Guide Services, anything. Fishing is my passion and promote our amazing lakes is my Goal. Book a trip to Mexico and you will see what Im talking about. Now im moving into web tv channel about fishing Mexico, please visit
  • Favorite species
  • Most Memorable Fish
    15 lbs monster that I caught on Lake Guerrero on 2006
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Steel head, Lake Trout or Peacock Bass
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Do I need excuse? Come on guys, My wife loves me , I dont need excuses !!!!
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andaline (posted Aug 5, 2011)
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FishinMagician (posted Jul 22, 2009)
Nice pics! I need to plan a trip to Mexico.
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