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Crappiefishinfool (CA)

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Week 37
Crappie (Pan) 13.29"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Pan/Crappie 0 5 7 68.25" 7 $250
Smallmouth Bass 0 0 0 14.75" 1 -
Walleye 0 0 1 19.50" 1 -
Totals 0 5 8 102.50" 9 $250
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    Love to fish, and hunt
  • Favorite species
    Crappie, Crappie and MORE Crappie!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Too many to remember...I have such a great fishery here, i can go catch a great memory any day!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Alaska...have always wanted to fish in alaska
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    No excuses...i just go because i LOVE to fish. Especially ICE FISH..summer is usually TOO HOT for me to cook in a boat. You can't dress for the heat, but you CAN dress for the cold, PLUS it is nice to have a heated portable fish house !
Comments (25 comments)
Crappiefishinfool (posted Aug 27, 2008)
Just one day...
dustyflair (posted Aug 16, 2008)
You were close to the top 5. How many days did you fish...I'm still waiting to see those 17" you were talking about.
Crappiefishinfool (posted Apr 26, 2008)
only got one day in, as i was workin and ice conditions were very very poor....actually pretty scary...i figured risking my life to upgrade was not worth it...
dustyflair (posted Apr 25, 2008)
well $50 is better than nothing
FISHINMA (posted Apr 21, 2008)
WOW! Barney must of took your bigger fishy when you weren't looking!!lol WAY TO GO THOUGH!!! I went out on the only day I could...winds were 50mph!...and I hoofed the banks and it was "CRAPPY"...Kitty Kats were bitin though!OH WELL Smiles Always!! "MA"!!!
Crappiefishinfool (posted Mar 4, 2008)
MA~ Yes Goddess is my wife and barny is one of my good fishing buddies. I discovered a lake on sunday of the tourny that produces some big perch. I am off this weekend to see if i can break the bounty record. Some old folks i talked to that fished it years ago, said the got perch up to 15" in there. So i will be searching that lake out some more. I decided to give the crappies a break till end of march. Gonna get some whitefish, smelt, perch and northerns for a bit here.
FISHINMA (posted Mar 3, 2008)
OH my heck kiddo!~you were another that was TIGHT with the runnings for perchies! SWEET ONE! You hang out w/Barney & Goddess??? How have ya been?? Better check in!!! "MA" Smiles Always!!!
Crappiefishinfool (posted Feb 15, 2008)
Haven't been feeling great, so i only fished 2 days during walleye, and i am still sick, so i am gonna hand the reigns over to Barny for Saturday, and hopefully i feel well enuff to try sunday. Had some severe flu, and had a absess tooth pulled, so not feeling great. Good luck to all!
Crappiefishinfool (posted Dec 13, 2007)
Thanks Greg.....Officially i am off starting Sunday nite till after the holidays....LOOK OUT FISH! Them fish are gonna have some sore lips when i am done....I think starting next week i am gonna hit some of our summer hot spots in the big bay....By the time you get here i will have them all sore mouthed, as i have lots of time off to play Catch and Release, and get my 17"+ fish!
TuffEnuff (posted Dec 10, 2007)
Campaign? What are doing doing? Running for election? The Mayor of BSB's Rainy Lake. You get my vote!
Crappiefishinfool (posted Dec 6, 2007)
look for more after i make it out on Saturday morn with Tuff. I think there will be about 5-6 of us out fishing. Should get some nice fish and some nice photos.....
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Dec 4, 2007)
About the same man. 4-5" on the smaller lakes....3-4" on the Red River....deeper lakes barely have any ice. Gonna try to get on some crappies this week, but from what I am hearing the slush and snow are ridiculous BOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! Looking forward to more pics from your campaign...
FISHINMA (posted Dec 3, 2007)
Lools like you had a GREAT weekend!! YUMMY YUMMY!!!I got 8" of snow at my new honey hole over the weekend BLIZZARD CITY!!! Bagged fishin and worked. Guess I better get off my tushy and hike down to my hole! Smiles Always & thanks for sharing kiddo!! MA
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Dec 3, 2007)
bet it was sweeeet to get yer feet back on the ice....cheers!
FISHINMA (posted Nov 21, 2007)
WOW Jeremy!!!! My 3 girls and I...., not Sean(my 8 yr old son) have deer hunted(bow, rifle, muzzle)! Crystel, my 20yr old, got a 4 point on her first bow hunt this year! The spread was almost a record for bow!! ANYHOOO!!! Ya know why the turkey crossed the road? (you must visit my profile to get the answer) HAPPY TURKEY DAY! "MA"
Crappiefishinfool (posted Nov 15, 2007)
Been busy deer hunting just about every day since the 6th of October..i took my $200 check that i won, and bought myself an Ontario Deer lisence. Missed a few big ones, but ended up with a deer on the 14th of Nov. Also shot 1 of my 2 deer allowed on the 14th of November for the Minnesota Deer season. Shot my Mn deer while i had my 2yr old son with me in the stand, on his FIRST deer hunt. Pretty cool..Anyhoo, you won't see any fish from me till probably round Dec sometime when we get some ice...Been in the 30's here now this week..WONT BE LONG I HOPE..............
dustyflair (posted Nov 6, 2007)
Been waiting on your big winter slabs..Where ya been?
Crappiefishinfool (posted Oct 31, 2007)
Been Busy Deer hunting in Ontario,Canada, and getting ready for the MN deer hunt. Way too chilly for me to be on the open water. Look for me for an ICE TOURNEY...We had 30mph winds today (halloween)...terrible days to be on the water.
FISHINMA (posted Oct 29, 2007)
Hey kiddo! It's Crappy week where are ya? Caught a haul last weekend!NUMMY NUMMY GL "MA"
Crappiefishinfool (posted Sep 11, 2007)
Thanks Tuff.....Great fishing with ya again...looking forward to fall rainy river walleyes....barney still wants to hit BSB in october.....i will let ya know
TuffEnuff (posted Sep 4, 2007)
CFF ~ Congrats on the recent 2nd place panfish finish. Looks like you're just getting warmed up!
FISHINMA (posted Aug 27, 2007)
Jeremy! I used spicy Doritos. I'll have to look in the store for the the others. I think I've seen ketchup chips. Thanx again for the recipe. " MA " Lori
Crappiefishinfool (posted Aug 26, 2007)
Thanks MA...Those recipies i posted i use ALOT on CRAPPIES....Tasty tasty tasty.. What kind of chips did you use? Let me know, if you can't get Salt & Pepper chips, maybe i will send ya a small bag, Or maybe you would like to try KETCHUP chips! LOL...Ketchup chips are only available in Canada as far as i know. Let me know.. Glad to see you enjoy the recipe though..Good Luck this week. ..........JEREMY
FISHINMA (posted Aug 26, 2007)
Love the Crappy & Love to eat em', Mr. CFF!!! NICE PICS!!! Your Walleye recipe is better for kitty kats! I tried it out!!! YUMMY YUMMY!!!! Don't ruin the POOR MANS LOBSTER(Walleye) with lots of spices. I like Walleye, lightly saute'ed in water w/titch of sugar.... then finger dip in garlic & butter. LICK YOUR FINGERS TO THE BONE!!!!! NUMMY NUMMY NUMMY!!!! GL...Ki ddo! " MA "
FishinJ (posted Aug 21, 2007)
where the hell are fishing??
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