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CombatQ (US)

No good fishing pictures or stories yet. Sorry. Im a new comer! But my best friend is going to teach me everything he knows. So watch out!

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  • About Yourself
    I am an aspiring Bass Fisherman. Im looking for a masterful teacher who will teach me the ways of landing bucket mouths into my lap.
  • Favorite species
    Women...Women are my favorite species and my wife is the best of them all!!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Fly-fishing in Idaho in a mountain stream. Been catching fish all day long like a master and then I landed THEE fish of fish. in clear mountain water up to my knees I saw the strike, pulled back the rod to set the hook and saw a fish flying towards me at warp speed but it all seemed like slow motion. After I opened my eyes, I turned around and...I saw it still thrashing in the cool, clear water. I lifted up my line and held the catch of the day...i have a picture of it some where so you will believe me when you see it, but Im telling you the thing was no larger than my thumb. But Im known for my big hands!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    #1 - Anywhere with my best friend, but I suppose Alaska. Im tired of hearing him whine about it. LETS GO THERE ALREADY!! SHEEESH!!

    #2 - A trip that involves my family. Seeing my daughter and wife catch some fish, enjoy the scenery, and want more when we are done!
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    "Hey Honey!...Im going fishing! I love you!" wife is THAT cool!
Comments (7 comments)
fishdit (posted Apr 21, 2011)
You are so weird.
CombatQ (posted Jan 13, 2011)
I am currently in Oregon...Soon to be southern bound however..Alabama.
guideman (posted Jan 11, 2011)
Welcome to Bounty. Where are you located now? I am in northern Illinois.
Walleyewonder (posted Jan 3, 2011)
My dad was born in B.C but I have never been, I am in Ontario.....
CombatQ (posted Jan 3, 2011)
Hey guys..thanks a lot. yeah, Canada is cold for sure. I grew up in Spokane WA and went there quite a bit. Ever been up to Bowron Lakes in BC?
Igor (posted Dec 31, 2010)
Welcome to bounty...
Walleyewonder (posted Dec 31, 2010)
Welcome to bounty!!...... You can come fish in Canada any time....... may be a little colder than Iraq, or Afghanistan
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