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brigby (US)

Im fishing in northern Utah and sometimes southern Idaho. I spend most of my time fly fishing but also enjoy being out on a boat spin casting. Ive spent most of my fishing career in the Little Bear, Blacksmith, and Logan rivers.

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Week 123
Channel Catfish 29.36"
Common Carp 28.00"

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Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Channel Catfish 1 1 1 29.36" 1 $50
Common Carp 0 1 1 28.00" 1 -
Totals 1 2 2 57.36" 2 $50
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  • About Yourself
    Ive lived in Northern Utah my whole life. Ive only fished here and a little bit in Southern Idaho. I started fishing when I was about 5. One of my earliest memories is fishing with my dad.
  • Favorite species
    Id have to say I like the trout. They are smart and fun to catch. Its a real accomplishment when you can land a lunker.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable fish has to be the one I nearly landed out of the Little Bear river. I got it onto the rocks went down to remove my fly when it started to flop. Broke my line and took off with my fly stuck to its upper lip. Looking back now its funny picturing the big ass fish swim away with my fly but at the time i wasn't laughing.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    An Alaskan trip would be my dream trip. To stay in a nice lodge and worry about nothing but where i was going to fish the next day.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Its an unspoken agreement between the wife and I. I need no excuses. She knows what its all about.
Comments (4 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Nov 8, 2010)
Nice kitty kat and carp! Congrats! It beat my carpy by .02! Waz up with the gloves in that carp photo!lol Smiley! MA
FISHINMA (posted Nov 5, 2010)
I'm gonna kick your tushy Mr. Brigby Boy!...and I'll bet you're shakin in your waders!lol Derf sais it's a biggy!!Cool! I'm after LMB and Perchy at Twin with Fred in Morning! Call if you wanna join in! Good luck kiddo! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Jan 12, 2010)
OH and how come I'm not your friend dude?;)
FISHINMA (posted Jan 12, 2010)
But I'm a good hider and seeker. You'll never find me at my secret honey holes!lol You been playin on the ice I see...SWEET BROWNIES! Smiles Always! MA
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