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Bowriverblog (CA)

My name is Mike R and I am an avid fisherman/fishing guide here in my home town of Calgary, Alberta. Great fishing is found right out my back door on the world famous Bow River.

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SimcoeMatt (posted Mar 6, 2011)
We just broke the Canadian record for a bass tourney on Simcoe. With the goby invasion, it has turned into another food source. I think you will see even bigger fish in the future
FISHINMA (posted Jan 30, 2011)
Thanks Mike! We need more trout tourneys! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Nov 1, 2010)
YO BACK MIKE! Fishin is super duper! Playin with trout mostly it's been one of the best years I've seen in along time! Tis getting frostly best get the ice hut out!lol This week is 5 species not trout!DRAT!!! Smile Always! MA
Bowriverblog (posted Jun 22, 2010)
Hi Lori, I am great thanks for asking. Got me new boat all good to go this summer so I am like you "Smiles from ear to ear" And you, how are things with you these days....
FISHINMA (posted Jun 16, 2010)
How are you Mr. Mike? Smiles Always! MA
Bowriverblog (posted Jan 23, 2010)
Hello Snapper, It is a blessing for me to be able to drive 10-20 minutes and hook some serious trout everyday if I had the time. It took me awhile to figure out the Bow River, but once I started catching fish, I try every year to catch bigger fish. It keeps me coming back. Thanks Snapper.
snapper024 (posted Jan 5, 2010)
it must be nice to have the bow river so close, for me i have the niagara river,.. steps from my house a great fishery
Bowriverblog (posted Oct 29, 2008)
Oh he does Lori, he is very patient and keeps his rod in his hand at all times. We floated 4 hours and he never once put the rod down!!!! He will be the next generation to preserve the Bow River. I am teaching him the do's and dont's already. Thanks for the comment and good luck fishing.
FISHINMA (posted Oct 29, 2008)
Mike nice video!! I think that lil one wanted a shot at it though!lol Smiles MA
Bowriverblog (posted Oct 13, 2008)
Why thank you young man, we have it pretty sweet here in my home town. The Bow River is world renowned for big, hard fighting trout. Maybe one day you will be able to experience the rush of a Bow River trout !!!!
FishManNewMexico (posted Oct 11, 2008)
Wicked browns!! Wish I could catch some half that size!!
Bowriverblog (posted Oct 10, 2008)
Thank you, I was browsing through your photo album and came across those nice looking Browns. I love that species of trout. Hope to see some more Brown photo's from you soon.
matthoops3314 (posted Oct 8, 2008)
Wow! Those are some huge browns in your albums. I wish I could catch fish that big all the time!!!
Bowriverblog (posted Oct 8, 2008)
No problem Ari, it is my pleasure to watch an expert in action. Awesome Bass photo's buddy !!
dragonslayer (posted Oct 7, 2008)
once again, thx for your comments Mike.
Spoon (posted Jul 24, 2008)
hey man nice vid :D yeah i just got back form ski camp at Mt. Hood OR. and im heading back in 2 days! haha but yeah i was raftin on the Deschutes and the guide told me about a spot with 25+ inch steelhead that he caught just the night before! maybe ill have some pic s to top yours finally ;D wish me luck!
RainbowAddict (posted Jun 4, 2008)
Hey thanks BRB! Yeah, we hit Dipping Vat on Sunday, and between three of us had 24 Rainbows between 8am and 2pm. Was a really good day. I kept one and cooked it up on Monday night. Was pleasantly suprised with the taste. We were catching them on every fly in the box. Not one Trout was under 16" and the largest was 22". I've got a pal up in Calgary who fly fishes the Bow. His name is Matt Barlow. Do you know him? He's starting up his own guide service. As soon as he's up n' running, I'm going to make a trip up there. Planning a trip to Duck Lake in two weekends. Hopefully I've got some good pics for you. Take care. P.S. I checked you your website....pretty impressive.
RainbowAddict (posted May 28, 2008)
Thanks for the welcome Bow River! Question, when you grab a code is it specified for that week's species that are in the derby, or are you able to take a pic of the fish, and then wait until the derby opens up and register it? You do any fishing south of Calgary? Lethbridge or Medicine Hat area?
dragonslayer (posted May 27, 2008)
Hey Mike, Good to hear from you. here the season is starting late and water is high and dirty everywhere - even the lakes are dirty. A little trout action earlier after ice-out but no big browns. Will be fishing for Northerns and Largemouth this weekend on the Ottawa and planning trip to Northern Quebec later in June for basically everything on the menu- lakers, brookies, splake, whitefish, walleye musky, pike, and giant smallmouth. I'll keep you posted. Tight Lines!
dragonslayer (posted May 14, 2008)
whats up Mike?
Bowriverblog (posted May 1, 2008)
Thank You RaiderNation, old V.H. rules my world. I just seen them when they were here in my home town....
Bowriverblog (posted Feb 21, 2008)
Ahhhh Mr Ari, there you are. You know what the ice age is melting and the weather here is awesome right now, wish I could say as much for the fishing though !!!!! I have been to every hole known to man kind on the Bow River and I catch one or two fish, that's it; that's all. Slow is putting it mildly buddy. And you, whats going on over in Eastern Canada ??????
Bowriverblog (posted Feb 21, 2008)
Thanks Eric, needed a little diddy with no words so I selected one from my favorate band, VH.
dragonslayer (posted Feb 21, 2008)
whats going on in your neck of the weather getting milder or still the coming of the next Ice Age?
troutwhisperer (posted Dec 26, 2007)
been writing for over forty years.......thanks brother of the
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