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Week 54
Largemouth Bass South 18.94"
Northern Pike 37.54"
Yellow Perch 9.81"
Crappie (Pan) 13.60"
Walleye 22.86"

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Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Musky/Pike 1 1 1 37.54" 1 -
Largemouth Bass South 1 1 1 18.94" 1 -
Yellow Perch 0 1 1 9.81" 1 -
Walleye 0 1 1 22.86" 1 -
Pan/Crappie 0 1 1 13.60" 1 -
Totals 2 5 5 102.75" 5 -
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (25 comments)
massman (posted Sep 10, 2010)
we need to get the team back on the water what do guys think about that
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Mar 24, 2009)
I found a hat company that can make us BOUNTYMONSTER GEAR! I will get prices soon! Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Mar 3, 2009)
It was an honour to be on a team with all of you.... hopefully we will get a shot at this again someday! TY FOR THE EXCELLENT WEEK OF FUN!!! Mike ;)
Steve P
Steve P (posted Mar 3, 2009)
NICE WIN !! Thats team work!!! steve
dasfish (posted Mar 2, 2009)
nice job everyone. we had a nice bass a bit over 21 but for some reason the site would not let me upload the image. anyway thank you for having me and hope we get to do it again sometime soon!!!
FISHINMA (posted Mar 2, 2009)
Hey Igor how about that recipe?!! Trout are on like crazy this time of year. I throw them back because I'm not that big of a trout fan. Wished Bounty had trout on the boards during winter for some of us who can't get out on the ice and rivers are loaded with trout! Smiley! MA
Igor (posted Mar 1, 2009)
good job guys and gals we put out a good show our name is know the big contender and I got my smoked fish or fish smoked and uumm ummm good .now the fighting starts I give one friend a slab and the next one comes around with hands open and puppy dog eyes..but I thought the bite would get tough so I opted for trout knowing they dont mind the cold.... it was fun a with a few names on the board looks like ma can get iceholer a team together..more competition love it...
FISHINMA (posted Mar 1, 2009)
I'm back empty handed guys SORRY! Guess I best stick to cheerleading in the winter! GO TEAM GO! You guys are AWESOME!!! Hoofed that river most the day for a bigger takers! GO TEAM GO YOUR SUPER DUPER!!! Smiles Always! MA
massman (posted Mar 1, 2009)
just wanted to say great job it has been fun fishing with you guys an girl we got alot of inches on the board i feel when they have a team money turny we will bring home the bacon have a great week every one later
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Mar 1, 2009)
Well deserved BuBBA! I fished hard all weekend it was like the fish had lockjaw I got skunked and fished alot, not even a perch, my buddy did catch a ling burbot that was 32 inches long! Mike :)
Igor (posted Mar 1, 2009)
well sorry I got greedy and went fishing for myself yesterday I needed some rainbows for my three in there now..soaked in bryne and rubbed down with maple syrup and brown sugar ...smoked with hickory...and its known as Indian Candy..I am drooling thinking about it..wont be ready till about 9;00 tonite..lots of work but worth it...
massman (posted Mar 1, 2009)
good morning team it is 6:51am here and getting readyto go do some work should be fishing this after noon every one has done a great job and remember to just have fun i am un able to fish for reds and trout sorry but thats okey i dont think we needed them any way have a great day team bountymonster later
Shelbi (posted Feb 28, 2009)
I believe in MONSTERS! Good luck!
massman (posted Feb 28, 2009)
good morning team it is 6;30 am and i hear fish calling are names got to get the up grades on my way out good luck in the north dont push it to hard just have fun today cause today and tommorow is what seperates the men from the boys and the woman from the girls i have faith in my team that we will be crowned champions of bounty teams now all we need is a team money turny good luck
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 27, 2009)
we have a grand total of 107.94 inches of fish all together i will try to get out to the river saturday but if not i will try and up grade on bass i dont think i can find a bigger crappie but i will try to good luck team stay warm;;;brian
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Feb 27, 2009)
WTG GUYS! Im healed and rain has stopped cold front is moving in no snow to walk through, I will be back at it in the AM bright and early will try to upgrade perch and walleye! Mike :)
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 27, 2009)
me and drew hit the lake today sun burnt all to hell but we got the up grade we needed for speck an bass i think we should have a red maybe a trout but still trying to find a ride to river who knows we are the the monsters;;;;brian
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 27, 2009)
nice job massman,,getting some good upgrades next stop trout and reds...and the board is ours monsters all over....
Igor (posted Feb 27, 2009)
ya I was going to go 6:30 am today seen heavy rain went back to bed.. waited around 10 now snowing so I went out on the lake I had to puddle jump a spot and it was a slush field so back home till tommorrow suppose to get back to the -20 the next night or so. back at it then..are team is a monster and we are eating the board chomp chomp...think there squirmin... we need a red and trout I have faith in our team...
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 27, 2009)
Raining here today not going to go out plus I pulled my groin muscle jumping off the quad yesterday and just landed wrong. It's feeling a bit better but very tender and Im hubbling around the house. Will be back at it with it being -11 tomorrow got to get upgrade perch and hopefully a eye but we looking solid team. GL hope we all can hit the board with a species each. 5/7 hope Brian and Drew can tag us a red and trout be a achievement in itself to cover the whole spectrum! Just a great time this has been, it has been a very fun tourny, TY BOUNTY~! Mike :)
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 27, 2009)
i always use to use michel reels but the stores here dont have the one i like all my salt water reels are top of the line my fresh water reel are not should be on the water this after noon hope to up grade on crappie and bass great fish mike and great job every one rember we have all fish on the board ecept for two of them yet thats great wich means we dont have to bust ass as hard as the others teams will be this weekend great job every one and good luck;;brian
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 26, 2009)
Well if you look close enough in my pic in the livewell.... Grayden somehow snuck in the pic while I was doing self photo...... I was going to retake but it was too precious..... he wasnt afraid of them at all and was poking them then his cousin Nicholas comes along and starts kissing them. Just precious! Mike :)
FISHINMA (posted Feb 26, 2009)
I have a few reels I don't use but they are spinning! Just got a Mitchell for Valentines Day can't wait to try it out for the 20++llbers! Fishing did not happen tonight! Clients until dark $$$! Then it was SNOWING BLIZZARDLY on the 30 minute drive home!DOUBLE NUTS! Congrats on that EYE entry Mikey!! Smiles Always! MA
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 26, 2009)
Buy a mitchell! They always last! Mike :)
BOUNTYMONSTER (posted Feb 26, 2009)
dont worry i should have a new reel tommorow i going to bring it back to wal-mart and get a new one should be back on the water in the after noon;;;massman
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