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Some can call it CATCHING!

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Week 161
Largemouth Bass South 20.13"
Bluegill 8.60"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Red Drum 0 1 1 24.20" 1 $25
Largemouth Bass South 0 2 6 105.42" 7 $35
Largemouth Bass 0 3 3 67.51" 3 $250
Pan/Crappie 0 1 1 8.60" 1 -
Totals 0 7 11 205.73" 12 $310
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.

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Comments (16 comments)
Kenzola (posted Aug 7, 2009)
haha you get the fish caught together thats 1 fish! he would of won for that week!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 18, 2009)
So that's what you and Petey were up too!WOW hangin out with the PROS at ICAST! What a dream! Smiles Always! MA
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 18, 2009)
Nice VIDEO, VERY COOL, GOOD ON THAT GUY FOR SAVING EM, Hopefully they become 10lbers and he gets to catch em! Congrats on 3rd last week, keeping FLORIDA ON THE BOARD! Mike :)
massman (posted Jun 16, 2009)
good luck this week
FISHINMA (posted Jun 8, 2009)
Nice WIN! You guys were a hoot to watch last week! Smiles Always! MA
massman (posted Jun 8, 2009)
congrats on your win
Topdog (posted Jun 7, 2009)
nice video..crazy what bass would try to eat... you got to love them...
bassindow (posted May 26, 2009)
good going "D" Wish we had access to a computer down there!Next time I'll have to give a little bit of effort too!Congrats
dragonssc (posted May 25, 2009)
Top 5, good job
dragonslayer (posted Oct 15, 2008)
nice pics - welcome to bounty!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 13, 2008)
Sweet one Damon!!You guys were awesome to watch last week!~22"ers all around mostly! Love the pic!! Keep on Smilin like that!!! MA You into EYE's next week? I'm gettin that 33"er I dream about!!!!!!!!!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 9, 2008)
Congrats to you too!!! Nice Braggin rights!! Love your bugs!!!NUMMY!! and the buckets that I WILL learn one day!!!lol I am in the need for SALT never fished it!GL in future! Smiles Always! MA
bassmasta1919 (posted Oct 4, 2008)
those are some nice fish u caught!
bassindow (posted Sep 22, 2008)
Congrats bro made your trip that much better!This pose is come out and we have 4 of us chasing the bounty!
Floridapeacocks (posted Sep 8, 2008)
Whats up the page...anytime you or BassinDow want to come down here to the dirty south let me know and I will put you boys on some fish! Tight lines. Steve
 (posted May 21, 2008)
Nice reds!
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