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bassmasta1919 (US)

I love to fish for any species of fish; fresh or salt water, big or small. I've been fishing since i was 2 and will keep on fishing until i'm 100. I really enjoy reeling in a big largemouth, they are one of my favorite species to catch.

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  • Favorite species
    Largemouth Bass and striped bass
  • Most Memorable Fish
    5 pound largemouth caught of a bridge in New York, with a bass pro shops worm.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I would love to go fishing for peacock bass in the amazon
Comments (19 comments)
dragonslayer (posted Mar 25, 2011)
thanks for your feedback on the website Phil. Good to hear from you. Have a great season!
dragonslayer (posted Sep 7, 2009)
thanks for your comments little brother. Good to see you back on the site. Ari
dasfish (posted Dec 24, 2008)
thanks for the kinds words bro. have a great holiday and keep em tight! dasfish
AdamCox (posted Nov 7, 2008)
Nice fish, Great pic's!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 30, 2008)
Hey thanks kiddo!! You got some pretty fine fish yourself!!! Keep Smilin! MA
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Oct 18, 2008)
Thanx for the comments buddy! Nice fish yourself!!! Mike :)
dragonslayer (posted Oct 4, 2008)
thanks for your comments, little brother. I hope you get into some hawgs as well!
dragonslayer (posted Aug 26, 2008)
keep it up and you'll be posting some huge monsters as well.
dragonslayer (posted Aug 25, 2008)
hey little man, good to hear from you. It has been a great bass year and had one day where I caught 4 between 21-25 inches, the largest over 9 lbs. - huge for my waters! Check it out in my dragons album. How have you been doing? Any monsters out your way? Keep in touch.
dragonslayer (posted May 5, 2008)
hey little man, went out last weekend and hit a few but the season isnt opened until mid-June. I didnt fish much either this winter but will make up for it in the next few weeks. Take care and have a great season!
dragonslayer (posted Feb 26, 2008)
how are you doing little man. Have you done any fishing this winter?
whiplash (posted Dec 12, 2007)
you got some nice bass
bassmasta1919 (posted Nov 21, 2007)
lol thanks
dragonslayer (posted Nov 21, 2007)
its about time they feautured a real fisherman!
dragonslayer (posted Nov 6, 2007)
dude, you are the future of our sport...god bless. Always keep the passion alive. Love your pics.....especially the blues. your bud - dragonslayer
Robert (posted Oct 31, 2007)
You keep catching bass like those and you will be a bassmaster. Good luck!!!!!
USFishingTackle (posted Oct 24, 2007)
Welcome Aboard!
sherryTD (posted Oct 24, 2007)
my scale wasnt working right..dirty i think...rough guess..but
sherryTD (posted Oct 23, 2007)
i like your photos..nice fish
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