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bassman420 (US)

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  • About Yourself
    Fishing is the most important part of my life, aside of family of coarse.
  • Favorite species
    Largemouth Bass
  • Most Memorable Fish
    One night, I was fishing by myself and I hooked into 5lb 10oz largemouth. I went to grab my phone to take a picture and it was gone. So, I went to the bank to find my phone. I looked everywhere---no phone! I tied her to a bush and went to get my wife. We came back did some searching---no phone!!!! So, I let old girl go. Almost as soon as I watched her swim away, I saw something lit up in the water, guess what it was. You already know--my phone.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    To go to Belton Lake in Belton TX.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I make no excuses, when it hits me I'm gone!!
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Mar 1,2015

5.4 lb speckle trout

Feb 25,2015

Iced carp

Feb 25,2015

Another pizza perch

Feb 25,2015

Hog perch