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Bassdominator (CA)

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Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    I like fishing...
  • Favorite species
    Smallmouth bass is my all time favorite species, but I will fish for anything that can swim.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    120 lb Tarpon
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Brazil for peacock bass.
Comments (25 comments)
Delawarebass (posted Oct 25, 2009)
Dude, you should register at my site. I know this guy and many others.Take a look.
Sirprize (posted Apr 24, 2009)
they were caught in Tampa Bay
 (posted Mar 26, 2009)
thank you, this is my hobby and my babies. I found out about this contest and now its fun. I fish in the back of my house at the pond. I cought one before 28 1/2 inches. But I will change one of mines for the one you have in your hands.
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jan 29, 2009)
Hey Jon! One Goal this year, be on the board for every tourny I enter! 1/1 hoping to make it 2/2! Tight Lines buddy! Mike :)
dasfish (posted Jan 16, 2009)
hey dominator. .. i am fishing the everglade BFL/FLW which kicks off this feb 7 on the kissimmee river. thanks for checking in. GL in 2009
FISHINMA (posted Dec 30, 2008)
I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!!!!WOW Can't wait to see it!! Smiles Always! MA
frosty (posted Dec 30, 2008)
nope, never tried it but won't say that I never will.
FISHINMA (posted Dec 29, 2008)
GOSH DARNIT JON!! How many days until you get to compete??? I personally can't wait to see your name up on them boards kickin some butt with our top dogs!!! Which I know you have but can't submit....DRAT!!! Hope you are having a SUPER HOLIDAY!! Keep on SMILING!!! MA
frosty (posted Dec 29, 2008)
thanks buddy, will be hitting the ice hard all week.
DaleHollowTroller (posted Sep 4, 2008)
You ready to come catch some monster smallies on DALE HOLLOW yet?
KEVERS (posted Aug 29, 2008)
Oh ya and today i caught around 22 smallies, nothin huge but a had a feed out of them, Largies tomorrow i will let ya know how that goes
KEVERS (posted Aug 29, 2008)
i seen the bass pics those are AWSOME what is your biggest? Length and Weight?
dragonslayer (posted Aug 13, 2008)
nice pics
johng (posted Jul 15, 2008)
Hey , How was your trip to Miami? did you catch any big fish?
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jul 10, 2008)
GL with Greg tomorrow hope you get into something good I should be at Greg's around7-8 pm and fishing with him Saturday! Mike :)
2-Fish (posted Jul 7, 2008)
Thanks for your comment I was skeptic that I wouldn't get the big one just hoping to place. Early luck is not always good luck. Good fishing 2-fish
bassindow (posted May 26, 2008)
happy late birthday! sorry didn't know.catch anything on those chatterbaits yet?
BassNC (posted May 22, 2008)
Very Cool Profile!
LooseDragMcgoo (posted May 20, 2008)
Happy B-day buddy! Mike :)
FISHINMA (posted May 20, 2008)
HAPPY B-DAY ON DEAD DAY! Hope you get lots of your favorite boy toys!! Smiles Always!! Thanks for rootin for my kitty kats! MA
FISHINMA (posted May 12, 2008)
Hey Jon NICE SMALLIES!!! I want a jacket just like yours! Smiles! "MA"
mike195 (posted Apr 28, 2008)
Unfortunately I have a tournament out of state that I am fishing the weekend of the same week. I will have either Monday or Tuesday to get out if weather permits and the waves stay down. So I am going to enter anyway and hope I can get out. Hopefully the will have another week of smallmouth!
Afterburner (posted Apr 21, 2008)
Thanks for the Welcome!, it definitely won't last.
rolltideboy11390 (posted Apr 20, 2008)
thanks, got time outside of school to fish this week and got lucky with a big one
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