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BassAssassin90 (US)

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  • About Yourself
    20 years old , live in Massachusetts. Love to fish, watch hockey ( bruins ), cars, and my girlfriend i have been with for over 2 years... i like to hang out, go to movies, gym, mountain biking... i use to play hockey and was really good at it until i torn my ACL TWICE!... that was the end of my hockey career but started my fishing life. If you live in Massachusetts and know a few good spots LET ME KNOW PLEASE!
  • Favorite species
    Large Mouth bass, Small Mouth bass, Brook trout, Native trout, Brown trout, Catfish, Perch, Blue Gill, Pickerel, Pike. Blue fish, Stripped bass.... Pretty much anything i can catch.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Here in New England the we don't have many natural disasters. This early spring we had the worst flooding i have ever seen. It was cold 35-40 F, Rainy and windy for like 2 weeks. After it warmed up to be around 50... 50 here in the spring feels like 80. i took the first opportunity to run to the wildlife camp and grabbed my yearly fishing license. Got my Rods all set up and headed out... At first it was tough because the water was 10ft higher in some places. ( for the people who don't know 10 ft higher means it will flood over a river for a couple HUNDRED yards if its a low point... Army, national gaurd and everything was running around. Anyways i finally got to a place were it was a deep pool off a lake. I take my first cast and start reeling in my spinner... about 4 feet from me i was just about to pull it out of the water and re cast when i saw a huge shadow move right in front of me. ( to be honest i love fishing but hate the water... yeah ill go swimming and stuff but after a near drowning experience as a child i really don't like going into a pond or lake unless i can see the bottom... it just freaks me out a little. i mean i can swim across a lake easy, but i would i do it? not unless for a large sum of money or saving someone ) Anyways i saw the shadow and got a little freaked out for about a half second until something hit my rod... let me tell you i have NEVER had something hit my lure that hard in my life. I set the hook and reeled in... Even with it 4 feet in front of me it took it out a few meters and took me a while to bring it in. The result a monster 9 lb bass that the flood brought in close to shore.... Needless to say that was the best fish i have ever caught and ill NEVER forget it. I caught more fish in that one spot for the next 3 days than i did all last season combined.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Going to Alaska for a week to fish... I know there are many good spots in the world to go but Alaska seems like the most purest place to catch some monster fish.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Told my girlfriend i left my tackle box at a fishing spot and needed to go rescue it. LOL
Comments (3 comments)
DaleHollowTroller (posted May 15, 2010)
You have the word ASS in your name three times,that's got to be some kind of Bounty record.LOL I lived up in Mass along time ago....... Andover, Jamaica Plains nice fish Dave
Hosbogs (posted May 12, 2010)
Nice pics!!!
dragonslayer (posted Feb 20, 2009)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!
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