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Backyardbass (US)

I have dedicated myself to teaching people how to Bass fish in this wonderful state. I break it down to the simple truth and "Take the fear out of Fishing"! Follow me on twitter "backyardbass" and learn the ways and locations of Floridas Giant Bass!

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  • About Yourself
    I fish the Fishers of men national tournament trail. I am currently filming a DVD to be released soon on the basics of fishing and taking the "Taking the Fear out of Fishing" and simple tatics used on catching Giant Bass! While I use a Ranger Flats to fish tournaments all of our filming is shot in a canoe or off the bank...Now thats simple...!
  • Favorite species
    My Favorite species would have to be Largemouth Bass. Mostly because no matter how much you know about them they can be impossible to catch sometimes..
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Most Memorable fish: Now this is an easy Question. It was April 18,1997 I was taking a group of guys fishing for the day who had never caught Largemouth with an artificial bait, it was a total of four of us. One by one each had cancelled the morning we were to leave. I had the boat ready so I went. 20 mph winds were kicking by the time I had reached the boat ramp, the waves were washing my boat back on my trailer. The keeper of the bait shop laughed and said you'll be back in 30 min you're the only boat out here. I jokingly laughed and said "Yeah with the biggest fish in the lake!"..As always I started fishing right at the ramp(thats where local tournaments release their fish) the waves were so high my trolling motor would only be in the water at the bottom of each wave. I cranked up and ran to the calm side of the lake. I made my first cast on the outside edge of the grass, as I always do to start working my way in. On my second cast I saw a fish coming through the grass to chase my 7.5" Culprit crawdad worm and then my line was moving to deep water....! when I set the hook the fish never stopped, drag was singing off my reel I thought I had caught an alligator. After all I was fishing Alligator lake in St.Cloud Fl. then she jumped for the first of many times, my heart was sickened because I have had this happen many times before and I've broken off every time. But this time I eased up the drag and stuck my pole in the water to keep her from jumping (thank you Bill Dance for that tip). She then went under my boat back into the grass and into the lillys and cattails....! I saw my worm on the top of the grass. I laughed in disappointment (if thats possible) and reached to unhook my worm from the grass. To my surprise the worm had only ridden up the line, so i frantically pulled my line through the grass, as it released I notcied she had wrapped me around a lilly pad. I kept tension on the line and slowly lifted the Pad to see the most amazing spot pattern on a fish I had ever saw. Her mouth was open so I reached to grab her and pull her in the boat! in less then 30 min I was back at the boat ramp with the largest (at the time) fish the bait shop owner had ever saw pulled from that lake. 13lbs 6ozs certainly my largest to date....! Thank you Trilene for a Job well done! And no the pic in my profile is not the same fish...:)
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I would have to say Bone fishing in the Keys. One reason it a extermely difficult fish to catch. I like difficult...!
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Wow.... so many on this one... I would have to say the best one is when i told my boss my house was damaged by a tornado. I got two days off for that one... PAID...ha ha ha.. Karma bit me a week later. in 97 the giant Florida tornados hit a mile behind our home...
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Drinka (posted Jun 1, 2010)
Cool page man keep it up!
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