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Abase (US)

My husband fishes, therefore I fish. Lesson learn: Wearing sunglasses will disqualify your catch.

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Week 60
Largemouth Bass South 22.50"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass South 0 1 1 22.50" 1 $25
Totals 0 1 1 22.50" 1 $25
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
Fishing profile
  • Favorite species
    Big mouth bass
  • Most Memorable Fish
    The one that got away.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    The next trip, it's always about the next trip.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I have to break in my new pink fishing shirt.
Comments (9 comments)
Deepblu505 (posted Jun 19, 2009)
Didn't know about the sunglasses will have to read the rules more carefully. Eddie
massman (posted Jun 13, 2009)
thank you very much
FISHINMA (posted May 4, 2009)
Welcome to Bounty Abase! Congrats on that 4th place win!! Love your story hilarious!! Smiles Always! MA
Mantase (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Good Job Wife, that is the last time I tell you how to fish!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Some nice big bass!!
massman (posted Apr 26, 2009)
glad to see you made the board good luck
bassindow (posted Apr 21, 2009)
welcome to bounty ! Where are you from? Better luck next time! It is a common rule that is over looked. Or just forgot about during the moment with all the excitement< but on the good side of it all won't happen to you again!:)Have a good day Bassindow
massman (posted Apr 21, 2009)
glad to have you on bounty
dragonslayer (posted Apr 13, 2009)
welcome to bountyfishng!!!
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