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aageditch (US)

I'm a Wiscony boy and I love fishing for pretty much everything. I recently started targeting muskie for a good challenge and I am in search of a 50 incher or a 40" pike. Hopefully one will come this summer.

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Week 91
Northern Pike 33.00"

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Musky/Pike 0 2 2 65.35" 2 $15
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  • About Yourself
    Obviously I love fishing because I'm on this site... I would love to do it for a living, but for now I'm just a poor college student and I get on the water whenever I can.
  • Favorite species
    Musky, Pike, Bass
  • Most Memorable Fish
    14 lb northern in album
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Europe or Canada for pike
Comments (17 comments)
DaleHollowTroller (posted Jun 3, 2010)
Ours are moving deep now,50 ft or so.Most customers prefer numbers of smallies and trout to a chance at a trophy muskie.We made muskie hunter mag's big fish round up in June/July or July/Aug.
DaleHollowTroller (posted Jun 1, 2010)
season open yet?I want to see some ski's up here......
MoneyCaster (posted Feb 23, 2010)
Plenty, got a album of just one weekend in my profile.
MoneyCaster (posted Feb 22, 2010)
yea iv made it around those parts. I am from milwaukee but i spend most of my time Up north wisconsin. Around Lac Du Flambeau and rhinelander
MoneyCaster (posted Feb 16, 2010)
what part of wisco are ya from?
TwinStatesBassClub (posted Jan 28, 2010)
Please read, rate, and comment my stories. They are insider tips that only the pros know and they will help you catch more bass! Thanks!
AdamCox (posted Jan 11, 2010)
Hey nice lookin ski's! That northern was probably around 40" but it was soo fat haha. Didnt even measure her or do a girth measurement cuz it looked to be about the same length as some of the others we had caught that day and it was cold. Gotta release'em quick :) Tightlines.
FISHINMA (posted Jun 24, 2009)
Hey Pete Mr. ditch Kiddo!!! Why aren't you in this week for LM?? You got some sweeties in your pics!!! Smiler Always! MA
ridney (posted Jun 24, 2009)
Thanks!! but I don't know?? a lot of fish but hard to get the big ones!!
ridney (posted May 25, 2009)
In the money!! good job! rod
ridney (posted May 8, 2009)
Hi from green bay! No 3rd for me?? north ?? good luck to you! love bass musky pike!
Walleyewonder (posted May 7, 2009)
Thanks nice muskie on the profile!
dragonslayer (posted Dec 15, 2008)
good luck with the musky and pike!!
CCFishing (posted Aug 21, 2008)
where in wisconsin gb here
klechnir (posted Jun 18, 2008)
Dude I was thinking, and powerpro has treated us really good muskie fishing considering we haven't lost a fish due to it yet.
klechnir (posted Jun 2, 2008)
Send me the pics!
FISHINMA (posted May 13, 2008)
Hey ditch kiddo Welcome to Bounty! Sweet pics and GL with tourneys and School! Smiles Always! "MA"
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