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sexyfisher (GB)

How well can you read a person? Here is a little trial for ya. Get My Description from my PIC? xoxoxo Spunky Nuara.

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 My Big one

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Comments (10 comments)
Murari (posted Aug 2, 2010)
Great fish. Looks like our fish called "GAROUPA" It's in South America (Brazil) Best Regards
Kingsalmon (posted Aug 8, 2009)
Sweet fish!!
massman (posted Jan 5, 2009)
great pics i love salt water fishing happy new year
Mari (posted Oct 18, 2008)
Nice Fish girl!
DadeFishing (posted May 6, 2008)
Beautiful Fish, Strong Gal
snookman16 (posted Jan 21, 2008)
well damn thats a nice grouper it'll take me years to be able to catch one that size
dustyflair (posted Nov 24, 2007)
it's a grouper...Looks like a gag
Robert (posted Nov 12, 2007)
I don't do any salt water fishing so... what is it?
FINNlander (posted Nov 4, 2007)
that fish is wild looking..
Bassdominator (posted Nov 3, 2007)
Nice fish!
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