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Greg Amiel "Anytime....Anywhere"

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florida may 08 (11 photos)

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Fishing with my buddy Capt. Skip Dana off of Pompano Beach , Florida...first day out we caught in a few hours 2 blackfin tuna's, kingfish, barracuda and a hammerhead shark over 200lbs..tuna's tasted great .....mmmmm...sushi on the wasabi?
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 blackfin tuna 40+ lbs

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dragonslayer (posted Nov 10, 2008)
that's a reel burner for sure............nice fish Greg.
ladyfish (posted May 14, 2008)
tuna...................... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. hey i'll bring fresh wasabi and grate it for you. way better that way.
dustyflair (posted May 9, 2008)
nice blackfin...You need to go down to Venice, La and fish with Peace Marvel with
FISHINMA (posted May 8, 2008)
Sweet! I have never tried raw fish does it slide down OK?? I did try some tequila in my younger years with the worm...never did it since!LOL Smiles MA
fishing4tails (posted May 3, 2008)
hey rodney the tunas were caught on goggle eyes off a kite bait in about 190 ft of the wasabi and soy with fresh tuna as the fish is still moving....mmmm
Rodney (posted May 3, 2008)
Nice fish.I caught a 35 pounder last July fishing off Boynton Inlet with my buddy Capt. Doug Thomas of the Bonus.I ate some right off the fish cleaning table. What did you catch you Tuna on and at what depth?
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