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CaptainKimo (US)

I've been fishing since I was a boy, but it's only been recently that I've taken my fishing to a whole new level. Thanks to a couple of friends, who are both fishing addicts, I've caught the fishing bug. Now I live, eat, sleep and dream about fishing.

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This is my first carp so to me it's massive. There isn't much carp fishing down here. The only carp we have are grass crap and you need a special permit to fish for them. The reason behind this is Florida uses grass carp to help control the weeds so it
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 Massive Carp

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 (posted Jul 20, 2008)
We have grass Carp Down here.
CaptainKimo (posted Jun 8, 2008)
I tried to fishing for carp here no luck though. South Florida carp fishing sucks.
FISHINMA (posted Jun 7, 2008)
HA HA very funny Kiddo! Thanks for the comment on my carp! Lonnie is right... golden shiner! Get out there and get me a carp!! Smiles Always! MA
CaptainKimo (posted Jun 7, 2008)
Thanks for the correction, Lonnie.
Lonnie (posted Jun 7, 2008)
Looks like a golden shiner - awesome Bass bait. cheers, LK
theskip8 (posted Jun 6, 2008)
hahaha thats too funny
snookman16 (posted Jun 6, 2008)
hey thats good bass bait right thurr
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