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floyd (US)

I wish all BF members a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2011 is YOUR year for lots of tight lines and big smiles!!! :-D

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Don't you just love that massive SUCK sound??? Well, I got to hear it in dolby, HD, and turned up to 11 when this pig hit 5 feet in front of me!
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 7-18 LMB South

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Comments (4 comments)
guideman (posted Oct 26, 2011)
Wonderful sound equals excellent fish and super fun! Great job, Pal.
JoeG (posted Aug 4, 2011)
Love that sound. Great fish!
floyd (posted Jul 29, 2011)
yep yep yep yep yep!!!!
slicky (posted Jul 25, 2011)
There's only one thing that sounds better than that massive suck sound and that's the drag singing after the blow up.
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