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Ari Vineberg

An avid angler, Ari Vineberg's travels have led him, coast to coast, from the Florida Everglades to California, from the North-Eastern striper shores to the arctic char waters of Ungava, and of course the Great-Lakes region where he fishes most. Ari's writing and photos, often displaying him with impressive fresh-water species, have appeared in numerous magazines, including: Canadian Flyfisher, Outdoor Canada, In-Fisherman, Real Fishing, Sentier, Ontario-Out-of-Doors, and Canadian Sportsman.

In addition to fishing, Ari is an antique tackle collector and an accomplished martial-artist. He resides in Montreal with his wife Hanna, and their three children, Allysha, Rebecca, and Emilie.

Lonnie King

Lonnie King has been described as one of Canada's most versatile anglers. His passion for fishing for just about anything with fins takes him all across Canada and the United States, on a never-ending quest for new and exciting fishing situations. Throughout his fishing career, Lonnie has amassed a long list of multi-species tournament victories, and even hosted his own television series for a number of years.

Mark Antony Krupa

A superb outdoor photographer, writer, and actor, Mark has traveled to some of the most exotic fishing spots in the world, both as a guide and an avid angler. His images can be sampled on BountyFishing's gallery and on his own site: www.mkrupa.com Check out his great stories and reviews.

"I believe that one day... All Roads will become Rivers."  M. Krupa

Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is an avid trout fisherman in his home province of Alberta, Canada. His grandfather introduced him to the sport of trout fishing twenty five years ago and he has never put the fishing rod down since then. He likes to write about his fishing experiences and share information with other anglers.

"My primary purpose is to share my experiences with you the reader to help you catch the fish of your dreams, and share my experience fishing rivers and streams"   Mike Robertson

Peter Natev

Peter Natev has been fishing ever since he was a little kid. He remembers starting off fishing from shore with nothing more then a hook, line, and sinker tied to a pop can. He was laying into them then and continues to today. In my blog I hope to enlighten readers by giving useful information, which even the seasoned pro will find helpful.

"Fishing to me is all about the anticipation of that next bite, the curiosity, as to who will catch the big one, and the thrill of the fight! I'm not living unless I'm fishing!!" "I FISH, THEREFORE I AM!!"   Peter Natev

Tom Behrens

Tom Behrens has fished the length and width of North America, from Arctic Grayling in Alaska to largemouth bass in Texas. He is a prolific outdoor writer, with fishing and hunting articles appearing in publications such as Texas Fish & Game Magazine, the different Game & Fish magazines appearing accross the United States, and BASSMASTER.


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