Register for an Outing


If you haven’t done so already, enter your member profile information so you can log on any time. This information must be entered only once. You may edit your profile information at any time.


Once you’ve become a member, you can enter the tournament area and choose the date of your outing. Tournaments are a week long—beginning every Monday morning and ending Sunday night. Select one or more outings from the calendar. Or, you can purchase the entire week. Each day you select falls within one of these weekly tournaments. Each weekly tournament gives you the opportunity to compete up to seven times.

Retrieve your Code

a) PICK UP YOUR BountyCode

On the morning of your outing, retrieve a computer generated BountyCode from the BountyFishing website. The BountyCode is valid only for the date(s) it is issued. Make sure to bring this BountyCode with you on your outing by printing it from the BountyFishing website or writing it clearly on any adhesive tape or clean paper. This BountyCode will be used when verifying your catch and MUST be clearly visible in your photo of “Fish with Ruler”.


ONLY the longest fish you catch per species is eligible for prizes. Should you wish to upgrade your catch in any individual species, it will replace any existing fish you have previously entered for that species. Please remember, you are judged on the LENGTH of the fish and NOT the weight.

See the schedule for the current eligible species list.

Take Pictures


Using your digital camera, you are required to take one photograph showing the "Fish with Ruler" and another photograph showing "Fish with Angler" (see below).

Photo 1 (Fish with Ruler):

Your catch (the live fish) lying flat with a measuring device below the fish clearly indicating the length of the fish and clearly displaying the BountyCode.

  • You must take the photograph from directly above and centered on the fish.
  • All photographs must be clear.
  • The fish must be lying down on a flat surface.
  • The fish must be visible from tip to tail. Any part of the fish not visible in the picture will not count as part of the length.
  • The measuring device must be clearly visible and must be placed below the fish as shown in the example below. Entries with the measuring device placed above or on top of the fish or where the measuring device is not clearly visible will be disqualified.
  • Total Length is measured from the most forward point of the head, with the mouth closed, to the farthest tip of the tail while the fish is lying on its side. The tail may not be pinched, compressed, or squeezed in any manner.

Photo2 (Fish with Angler):

You, holding your catch (the live fish) horizontally, chest high and as close to your body as possible.

  • The picture must be close enough to ensure the fish fills most of the frame.
  • You must be facing forward with your eyes open and clearly visible. Sunglasses are NOT allowed!
  • Photographs of the fish hanging in a vertical position will not be accepted.


Camera Specifications:

  • 4 Mega Pixel minimum.
  • The same camera must be used for all pictures that you upload to BountyFishing.
  • No Cell phone cameras. No video cameras.

Camera Settings

Most digital cameras have three important settings:

  • Resolution: File size must be set to the largest size.
  • File Type:  Must be set to JPEG.
  • Quality: Must be set to High.
    • Please note that each camera manufacturer uses different terms:
      • Canon uses Fine or Super Fine
      • Nikon uses High or Large
      • Olympus SQ1 Super quality/ SHQ Super High Quality

No image manipulation is allowed! Images must be uploaded to BountyFishing in the unedited JPEG format in which they were captured.
All images must be clear and of good quality.

Submit your Catch


For Daily Codes, upload BOTH the "Fish with Ruler" and the "Fish with Angler" via the BountyFishing website Prior to midnight on the day of your outing. For Weekly Codes, upload your tournament photos prior to the tournament close - midnight on Sunday.


Go to our website to see if you are on top of our leader board. At the end of the tournament week, the BountyPrize could be yours!

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