Corporate Social Responsability


BountyFishing is a socially responsible corporation contributing to the conservation of our waters and fishing habitats. BountyFishing endorses the measuring of fish by length taking into account the fish's wellbeing. BountyFishing is a trusted resource for anglers by promoting responsible catch-and-release fishing techniques.

Fish America Foundation

FishAmerica Foundation

The FishAmerica Foundation is the American Sportfishing Association's conservation and research foundation, keeping our fish and waters healthy. Founded in 1983, the FishAmerica Foundation has granted nearly $9 million for more than 900 grassroots projects in the last 24 years. FishAmerica provides grants to local communities for grassroots projects to enhance fish populations, restore fisheries habitat, improve water quality and advance applied fisheries research to increase sportfishing opportunities.


IGFA Conservation program

Since its inception in 1939 when it was housed in the American Museum of Natural History, IGFA has taken an active, global role in fisheries management and conservation.
IGFA continues to be a proponent and leader in fisheries conservation with 325 representatives in over 120 countries that help to keep apprised of international fisheries issues and actively influence their local authorities to promote game fish conservation.
IGFA takes an active role in partnering in cooperative research with governmental, academic, and private organizations to benefit fisheries conservation.

Florida Fish and Wildlife

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

FWC manages Florida's fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. As part of this effort we are interested in promoting safe and sustainable use of the resources, including effective catch-and-release where appropriate, and encouraging the use of photo records and non-skin mounts as reminders of memorable fishing trips, and in obtaining additional information about our fisheries. Neither the FWC nor state of Florida endorse any individual company, and Bounty Fishing is solely responsible for their products and fulfillment of any offers.

FWC Image Guidelines for Fishing and Boating Scenes
Fishing in Florida? You may be eligible for the Florida "Big Catch" Angler Recognition Program!

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