Man vs. Nature!

There is something special about river fishing! It brings me back to simpler techniques and times. River fishing to me is less stressful because I don’t carry the bass fishing tournament mindset. Time spent in the river is a time for letting go of everything. The noise of the water, the smell of the air, and the nature around me, sets the perfect stage for catching a fish.

River fishing is man vs. nature at its finest! The power of the fish paired up with the raw power of the river makes the fight all that more special. No matter the size of the fish caught there is something special about landing a fish in the river.

The beauty about river fishing is that anyone can try it! But please, respect the shore line and the waters by not throwing your trash all over the place. Please dispose of your trash in the proper trash bin. Also, respect other anglers by giving them space! Don’t start fishing their holes because you see them catching fish.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be MASSIVE and your fish be MONSTERS!

-Peter Natev