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YourOnTheHook With Dave Mercer Of Facts Of Fishing


Interview with fishing funny man Dave Mercer at Calgary, Alberta’s Bass Pro Shop March 26 2011. Dave was kind enough to give his time to me and sit and chat about fishing and his television show. Watch as we share a few laughs and talk about sport fishing.

Man vs. Nature!

There is something special about river fishing! It brings me back to simpler techniques and times. River fishing to me is less stressful because I don’t carry the bass fishing tournament mindset. Time spent in the river is a time for letting go of everything. The noise of the water, the smell of the air, and the nature around me, sets the perfect stage for catching a fish.

River fishing is man vs. nature at its finest! The power of the fish paired up with the raw power of the river makes the fight all that more special. No matter the size of the fish caught there is something special about landing a fish in the river.

The beauty about river fishing is that anyone can try it! But please, respect the shore line and the waters by not throwing your trash all over the place. Please dispose of your trash in the proper trash bin. Also, respect other anglers by giving them space! Don’t start fishing their holes because you see them catching fish.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be MASSIVE and your fish be MONSTERS!

-Peter Natev

Simple Tips To Keep Flying Rainbow Trout On Your Hook


A Rainbow In The Sky

The old angler says to the young angler as they looked down watching the trout gather to feed above the riffle, “what do ya say we just mosey on down and catch all of them fish in that river”. The young angler is game and accepts the offer. They simultaneously cast out and reel in hoping to strike. The fish are fussy at first but eventually can’t resist the allure of that minnow. Pretty soon the young angler has a high flying rainbow trout. The fish is launching out toward the bright sun. The young angler fights as the old angler stands beside and observes the tussle. Soon the fish is under control as the young angler exerts every ounce of energy to land the fish. What did the young angler do to keep the launching rainbow trout on his barbless hook?

Many times when we hook a rainbow trout the fish goes airborne and gets off leaving us with that empty feeling. It’s especially frustrating when it’s the first fish of the day or the biggest one we have laid eyes on. How then do you keep that rainbow trout from getting off and getting the best of you?

Keeping constant pressure on that fish is part of the recipe for success. If your line goes slack for even a second that fish is gonzo. Examining your line closely will give you the advantage you need and keep your reaction time quick. When that fish goes airborne it is critical that you are able to reel fast and keep the fish on. Keeping the rod tip high in the air will keep a tight line and prevent escape. What you might also need to do is prevent that fish from flying out again after its initial breach. You will turn your rod tip to the side to keep the fish submerged in the water, further preventing the trout from making a second leap for freedom.

Hooks are a big part to keeping your fish on the line. There are different styles of hooks on the market that you can make barbless which give you a way better chance of keeping those high flying rainbows hooked up and locked on. The Triple Grip hook by Mustad features a unique bend that forces fish to hook elbow, making it virtually impossible to throw the hook, and an in-line hook eye point for 100% power with each hookset. Even though you are barbless, the bend in this hook will significantly increase your chances of keeping that feisty rainbow from throwing that hook. It is important to match the hook size with what was on the lure from factory. Many tackle companies tank test lures to make sure they run true and give the perfect wobble right out of the box. If you use a hook that is smaller or larger than that of the factory hook, it may throw off the balance of the lure making the lure work incorrectly.

In many cases there are just days where despite everything you use and try to keep your fish from escaping, they soar out and get off. That’s fishing friends and part of the sport! It is important to observe all rules while out fishing. Some rivers or lakes have a single barbless rule in place which means a single hook is to be used, no trebles and that single hook is to be barbless. Please read and obey all local fishing regulations. Obtain a copy of your local fishing regulations and study that guide. Make sure you comply with the rules.

The Power of Perch

Hard water fishing can be a bore and snore at times! Looking down an 8 inch hole can make watching paint dry look like the Super Bowl of entertainment. If you are bringing someone who has never ice fished before in their life you better be getting fish! It can be cold and windy so if there is no hot action from the fish to keep them warm, they are going to be turned off!

Don’t take them out for fish that take a long time to catch! The idea is to keep them catching and focused on the fish! Enter the almighty and powerful Perch! Perch fishing is the answer and lure to keep newbies having fun! Perch will bite just about anything and are all over the lake! From a foot to eighty feet of water, Perch can be caught! From minnows, to spoons, and even little tubes the options are endless for bait! I like to drop shot a minnow for them! I find I feel the bite a lot better on the drop shot as you feel the weight of the bite instead of the sinker!

The best part of Perch fishing is that there are so many Perch wanting to inhale your lure! Keep a few for yourself as they make for a tasty fish! Deep fried or pan fried coat them with a batter and you’re in Heaven!

Perch fishing will have the novice wanting to go out more and more! Once they become comfortable with hard water fishing, venture off and tackle some Lakers and Whities!! Hook them up with one of these brutes and they are hooked for life!!

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!

-Peter Natev