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Learning to fish deep is an essential skill that every angler must learn if they are to even think about going pro. Sure you can make a good career out of pounding the bank. Guys, like Tommy Biffle and Denny Brauer are deadly when it comes to shallow water fishing. However, if you want to excel to levels of success like Kevin Van Dam (or somewhere close to his level), you’re going to have to learn deep-water fishing!

Don’t let fishing deep scare you! Conquer the beast like David dominated Goliath. Use what works for you. Bring your flipping attire out to deeper water. Using the same concepts you would along the bank apply it to the deeper depths of the lake. Look for those irregularities on your electronics like drop-offs and humps. Subtle changes will hold fish and depending on the lake, the slightest change in consistency will hold fish. It is without question that electronics are vital to your success in deeper water, but polarized sunglass will make all the difference!

Polarized sunglasses will cut the glare of the water like a birthday kid cutting into their birthday cake. The polarized sunglasses allow one to see any vegetation pockets and holes. The bass are waiting there in order to ambush their prey. In this case, flip your bait into it and pull the fish up like it’s their rapture.

Heavy weight is a must when fishing deep. Add some weight like you’re a sumo wrestler. I am not saying throw back the fast food burgers like you have a coupon book! Use between 1/2oz. to a 1oz. weight to get your bait down deep and fast. If you’re in a weight class as Steve Urkel, you’re in trouble! You need that extra weight for bottom contact! Stay in contact with the bottom, not your ex and you will peg a lot more fish!

A Crankbait is a fantastic deep-water bait. Crankbaits can cover a lot of water fast and efficiently. Once again contact with structure and the bait will get you more fish. There are more selections of crankbaits on the market then there are on “eHarmony.” So finding a crankbait to get to the depth you desire should not be a problem.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!

-Peter Natev


It has been a while since my last blog but I have been keeping busy! I have been working on my own website recently which all of you should visit It is still in the early stages but still worth checking out! At you can access all my links from Twitter, to Facebook and even get some exciting fishing tips you can not find anywhere else! Follow me on Twitter to check out what I am up too! I will even notify my followers when I have a new blog out on! Enough about my site lets get into the nitty-gritty, FALL SMALLIES!

Fall is the time to hammer and weigh in BIG Smallmouth Bass! Smallmouths feed heavy and are eating just about anything that swims this time of year! From smelt, crawfish, and gobies, all Smallmouth want to do is eat and eat, in order to get all fat and juicy for the winter cold! On deep lakes, it is best to look for the 20-30ft range. That being said, the best lures to use this time of year are baits that resemble the forage they are chowing down on! Use lures such as tubes, to match the crawfish by dragging it along the bottom. It is important to always have contact with you’re the tube on the bottom. Use a heavy tube head to ensure you are in contact with the bottom structure.

Jerkbaits are fantastic smelt imitator baits! They best resemble the slender profile of the smelt. Use them to cover the the water for any suspended fish. Work the bait in variety of speeds and jerks until you get a bite. Pay attention to how you work the bait and replicate it cast after cast once a Smallmouth crushes it!

When the bite is tough and all else fails, finesse the Bass by using the good ol’ drop-shot! Use a foot lead from the weight to your hook, to just get that bait off the bottom. Tip your hook with a goby or minnow lure and I promise you’ll get bite! Bottom contact is important with the drop shot as well, so don’t be afraid to use a 1/2oz. weight. If you can handle the chilly weather and windy days, get out and go Smallmouth Bass fishing in the fall! Fall is a fantastic time to smash any of your personal best Smallie records or any fish for that matter! There is nothing else like Smallmouth Bass fishing when they are on the feed in the fall.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!

-Peter Natev