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Summer Fishing Is Around The Corner


The Smell Of Summer Is In The Air

The sun comes up over the horizon; the birds are a sweet sound to the ears early in the morning. The worms are squiggling out of the soggy cool soil after a clean spring rain. No need to dig for worms, they are all covering the lawn. The coffee pot clicks on and the shower fills the bathroom with moisture. The coffee is made and the first few sips go down so smooth. The fishing gear is ready and waiting at the front door and the mental check is complete. Rods, yep, hooks, yep, good to go. Then the mad dash for the river bank, there is no traffic at six am so the drive is a quick one. Then the heart starts pumping rapidly, adrenalin rushes though your veins as you walk to the fish. You know where they are and you’re prepped to get some reel screaming action. The hook is tied and you double check its strength in case a monster hits hard. Finally the first cast is launched and you’re in heaven.

Yes the sure delight of fishing, many do not fully comprehend. What’s so cool about a slippery fish, well until you catch the bug you will never entirely understand! For those of you who know, there is no need to clarify. The lure is probing, high and low, bottom to middle to top. The wait is excruciating until finally a hit, a glimpse of hope that you will catch and land one. Tap, tap and then BANG, a solid hook set and the battle ensues. From side to side fights the trout, tugging the rod as it pumps up and down, then the trout takes flight and you see it in all its glory, the silver bullet splashes down and then you pick up the slack taking back the line he stripped just moments ago. Wow you say as you try and catch your breath, then the moment arrives you have been waiting for; you get to touch him and gently remove the hook from his chops. Then you let him go back to where he came from, watching him with wonder.

Fishing is enjoyed by all, young and old. It is cheep to get into and it’s gratifying far beyond words. Many campfire stories are told about the big one landed, or the one that got away. Memories that will never be forgotten are made on the water all over the world. New world records are being broken month after month and angling just keeps getting more and more popular every year. For me, I think about catching fish almost every day. It’s that passion for the sport that keeps me on the river bank year after year. What keeps you coming back for more? I’d like to read your comments, feel free to add your comment here.