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Ice Fishing

It has been a while since I have last written. Even longer has been the last time I went out fishing or what it at least feels like. However, yesterday I got a chance to go out for the first time this year to do some ice fishing. We drilled holes at about the 100 foot depth range. Although the weather was good with no wind and a bright sun, the bite was slow. I caught a few herring which were quickly released since they were not in season. I also raised a giant whitefish to the hole. However, the whitefish straightened my hook and shook off. A couple of my buddies landed lake trout that were good eater size. A few of my other buddies also got some herring and a whitefish. We were all pretty much fishing the same way that has worked in previous outings. Basically, two techniques were used: the first was drop shotting live minnows and the second was ripping spoons. Drop shotting worked much better then the spoons did. Although we did not catch as many fish as we all would have liked, I know for sure we can’t wait to get back out there for some redemption.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!-Peter Natev