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Float Fishing With Rapala’s

[youtube][/youtube]Fishing Rapala’s For Big Rainbows

My family and I decided to fish this Sunday that just passed. We floated the Bow River in search of Browns and Rainbows that occupy this river. It has taken me until today to write this post so sorry for the delay. I brought the movie camera along and my girlfriend was kind enough to be my camera woman for the day. I am planning a video series on fishing rivers with various types of fishing tackle being featured. A few weeks back was the practice run for this series of videos.

I am hoping to get the first two videos of the series filmed before the snow flies here in Alberta. As we locals know the time is ticking. The video above is me chucking a Brown Trout Rapala into the banks of the Bow River. The fish were going nuts for this proven lure from Rapala. The lure is a countdown CD-9 and has a very tight wobble which looks very life like to sport fish!

Please watch the video and share it with your friends!!!! Leave some feedback on the Blog as to what you would like to see featured, lures, spinners etc.

Click “Watch In High Quality” while on YouTube for a better viewing experience.

Thank you.

The Wonderful Colors of Fall

I made my way down to the Bow River earlier in the week to try my luck at some trout fishing. I arrived and viewed the splendid colors of fall here in Alberta. The leaves are turning a golden yellow mixed in with warm reds. The leaves are slowly dropping from the trees as the north wind is pushing them off their branches. I still cannot believe summer has come and gone once again. What a summer I had fishing the Bow River! I would like to thank my fantastic clients I was able to guide this spring and into the summer months. I sure hope you had as much fun as I did!

When I decide to fish the banks of the Bow River I usually pick a slow deep spot in the river, so I drove down to a hole which usually holds big browns at this time of the year. I walked out into the clearing and stood beside the river in total shock. I saw back hoes, earth movers and likes damming up one side of the river. “So much for catching any fish in that place today” I mumbled to myself. I was in the same location in the summer and ran into two guys surveying the river. I asked them what they were doing and they informed me they were planning to put some sewage piping from one side of the river to the other under ground. I spitted out some words I cannot repeat here and left the river thinking “there goes another good spot to fish the Bow”.

There was a time not so long ago that a fisherman could leave Calgary and take a short drive into seclusion. Not anymore! As this city grows and grows it infringes on the once private sections of the river. Pretty soon I will need to drive an hour to escape the commotion of the concrete jungle. Those secret spots on the river are no longer secrets, but I still remain grateful we have the river here. It sure has been good to me over the years!

I left the river with my head hung a little lower than usual. Destruction of the river never gets me into a good mood. I never hooked into any trout that day, wonder if all the construction had anything to do with that? I stopped to daydream of the past and shoot a few pictures of the fall colors. A playful duck was hammering away at the larva which was all along the shore line. The wind picked up and sent chills down my back, a little reminder from Mother Nature that winter is just around the corner.