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August Fishing

The past month has been quite busy for me in terms of fishing. I have been lucky enough to go out at least once every week in August. It may sound like I am complaining but its far from it. I appreciate any time on the water and enjoy it to the fullest. Every outing offers an opportunity for something great to be descovered. Like a new spot, technique or pattern that you may not have thought twice about in the past. Early August I took part in the associate fishing tournament with my uncle. He and I did fairly well placing 6th spot overall. We weighed in at 12.24lbs. for 4 fish. I had the 5th fish on but my drag system messed up on my reel casuing the fish to get loose. What a heart breaker!! I have to say that I did have a great time and at this moment would like to give special thanks to my Uncle! IMG_9014

I aslo took part in the Largemouth Bass North BOUNTY FISHING tournament. This was my first ever Bounty tournament I have to say that I was very excited to take part in it. I ended up finishing 6th in this tournament as well. My fish weighed in at 19inches. This fish came off a 5/8 jig by punching heavy matted vegetation. These largies were right in the middle of it all just relaxing under all the shade and cover.

I also took part in the carp BOUNTY FISHING tournament. In this tournament I came in 10th spot with a fish of 26.25inches. This is a very small carp. However, it was all I could muster up from a local spot that in the past has proven to hold big carp.

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Fall Fishing for Brown Trout


As we enter the fall season in Alberta, Brown Trout fishing on the Bow River will pick up. Those elusive Brown Trout will show up on the end of our monofilament fishing line. Brown Trout will start to fatten up for their spawn making for good fishing for this species. So how are we to hook into these lovely specimens? The answer I believe lies in their diet!

Young Brown Trout feed on insects and other invertebrates, but the larger fish are active predators of other bait fish including young Brown Trout, suckers, White Fish and Rainbow Trout. Larger Brown Trout will also feed on small animals that fall in the water from shore. This is a hint as to where to cast your lure when fishing from a boat! Brown Trout usually do not become active or feed until the late afternoon or early evening but when the weather is cool enough they will feed during the day as well. The largest Brown’s of the river feed under the cover of darkness, so stay out on the river bank a little longer than most fisherman dare too. Brown trout can be caught with artificial flies, spoons, jigs, plastic worm imitations and lures.

When I target Brown Trout I use lures with natural looking colors to imitate their natural diet. I select lures that look like Rainbow Trout, Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Brown Trout during daylight hours. It is very important to key in on these colors to have good success fishing browns when there is cloud cover. Browns have better “dim light” eyesight than most other trout. However I find success with brighter colors during the cover of darkness. Use the most natural of bright colors and you are sure to land a trophy brown in the dark.

On the Bow River I have found you need to stay fishing well past dusk, an hour past the last light is usually when I start to hook up trout. There is a slow period between twilight and total darkness on the Bow River. I use this time to conserve energy and prepare for what is about to transpire. I make a habit of checking my hooks for any damage, bent hooks or dull hooks will be dealt with at this time before complete blackness arrives. If I need to change a hook out I will do this before there is no light left. I like my hooks strong and very sharp, Eagle Claw hooks is what I prefer over any other hook manufacturer. There are a few other companies I like also but Eagle Claw is my selection when I trout fish the Bow River.

Plan your time to fish browns accordingly and make sure you use lures that are close to what the browns are feeding on. Find deep holes in the river and present your lure at the top, middle and tail ends of these holes. Try different speeds of retrieve and you will catch these wonderful hard fighting species of trout!