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Night Time Tactics For Brown Trout

Night Time Brown Trout

Before I head out to fish a river at night I will go out and do some scouting during the daylight hours. I look for hazards that could endanger me and I also look for prime fishing water while there. I look for classic trout holding water such as pools, slow deep runs and under cut banks where fish could be holding. When fish are hiding here during the day it can be quite difficult to cast to them, or they are not going to feed during the day. As nightfall happens, these fish move out of their cover and come alive into more approachable fishing water where you can cast to them.

For these reasons your prime water at night might now include slow outside bends, tail end of a pool, inside shallow bends, and those calm open flats can all start to produce fish once the cover of darkness arrives, especially if this water boarders deeper “classic” holding areas.

The lures I prefer to use at night include plugs like Rapala’s, Berkley Frenzy’s, Matzuo jointed minnows. What I will do when fishing at night is have two fishing rods rigged up and ready to go. I do not like fumbling around at night trying to tie on hooks. So I avoid this hassle and get prepared before hand in the daylight hours.

When approaching the location of water you plan to fish, do so quietly and softly as to not scare off any fish that are holding near the edge of the bank. Also keep your flashlight or head mounted light away from your targeted water. Remember, the less you disturb your location the more chance you will have at landing a trophy Brown.

Please remember fishing in the dark is sometimes awkward and can be challenging. This type of fishing is purely based on feel. But once you have done it a few times you will become productive and could be rewarded with the trophy Brown Trout of your dreams.

Five Essential Lures for Pond Bass!

Fishing a pond can be both fun and productive. Ponds usually do not get the pressure that main lakes and rivers see. Therefore, they can offer anyone a good chance to catch a fish. When the fish are biting you can pretty much throw anything at them and have a good shot at catching a nice bass. But what do you use when the fishing gets tough? Well I’m going to tell you the 5 lures that every pond angler should have in order to up their chances in tricking a fish into biting.

The first lure that should be in everyone’s tackle box is a top water lure of some sort. More specifically, you should have a popper lure. These lures offer great excitement and fun when the fish are attacking the lure. These lures are ideal for early mornings or later evenings. Both Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass can not resist these lures on the pond.

The second lure that I suggest which should be in your tackle box is a stick worm. Stick worms like the Senko offer a slow presentation when fished weightless. Big bass can not resist the quivering action as it slowly falls to the bottom of the pond. The Senko is a great lure to be fished at any time of the day.

The third lure that I recommend that you have for pond fishing is a small crankbait. These lures offer a great advantage for the angler to reach the deep depths of the pond. When the fish are down deep throw a crankbait out and reel it in so it’s making contact with the bottom. This gets the attention of the fish in those dog days of summer.

The forth lure that every pond angler should have is a finesse minnow. A finesse minnow, that is about 3-4 inches in length like the Berkley Gulp Alive minnow, is a great choice. They look real and act real when fished on a drop shot rig. When those fish are locked jawed this lure is your best bet at catching a bass.

The final lure that ought to be in your box is a frog of some sort. Fished over matted vegetation can create some of the biggest explosions you will ever see. Giant pond bass cannot resist “Kermit” hopping along the weeds.

I listed a wide range of lures that should put more fish at the end of your line. These lures offer anglers the ability to catch when fishing gets tough. Remember, the key is to be different then the other anglers. The next time you fish at your favorite pond give these lures a try.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!

-Peter Natev