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Guess the Fish!

Alright! Time for a quick game, everyone. Below is a video of a good friend of ours, comedian Dan Bingham, that showcases a particular kind of fish… in action. Can you guess what type of fish it is? Slow motion, for your convenience.[youtube][/youtube]

Good luck!

From Reel to Reel – Funny Fishing Movie Posters

Thank you all fishermen and non-fishermen for your great comments on our movie poster fishy parodies. You asked for more – here we go!

1. Charlie’s Anglers (from Charlie’s Angels)

Charlie's Anglers

2. The Da Vinci Cod (from The Da Vinci Code)

The Da Vinci Cod

3. American Pike (from American Pie)

American Pike

4. F.T. The Fishing-Tournament (from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)


5. Catfishwoman (from Catwoman)


6. Anglin’ Power (from Austin Powers)

Anglin’ Power

7. The Silence of the Carps (from The Silence of the Lambs)

The Silence of the Carps

Have we missed one? What’s your favorite fishable film? We’re always fishing for fresh ideas…

Our last post on Amazing Fish changed the Reddit Logo

Wow, big thanks to Reddit for that sharp update! After our last post on “27 Aquatic lifeforms you never caught while fishing” and another one that followed on Reddit, which was “This Fish Looks Like the Reddit Logo“, Reddit has decided to change their logo for a while!

old logoreddit old logo new logo reddit new logo

Here’s the original picture that created the change (or is it a coincidence?):


Good to know that the folks at Reddit appreciate crazy fish!

Something is Fishy in Hollywood

What if your fishing trip is ruined by a bad weather or any frustrating reason? Sit down, relax, and watch one of our fishermen’s cult movies -hereby compared with the well-known blockbusters that inspired them!


1. The Lord Of The Lings (from The Lord Of The Rings)

The Lords Of the Lings

2. Krill Bill (from Kill Bill)

Krill Bill

3. Ray (from… Ray)


4. Catch Me If You Can (from… Catch Me If You Can)

Catch Me If You Can

5. Swim Free or Die Hard (from Live Free or Die Hard)

Swim Free or Die Hard

6. An Inconvenient Trout (from An Inconvenient Truth)

An Inconveniant Trout

7. The Codfather (from The Godfather)

The Codfather


… Good night, ladies and fishermen! :)


Global warming’s effects on Hollywood sea creatures

You’re probably tired of hearing about global warming. But, did you ever consider the disastrous effects it has on the things that mean most to you? Think about these revered sea creatures from the movies, and take note of what they’ve become. Coincidence? No way—check this out:

Fish evolution theory

The terrifying sea monsters from our celebrated past have been reduced to small fry! Not the best choice for a fishing contest, at that point!

Hollywood Sea Creatures