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YourOnTheHook With Dave Mercer Of Facts Of Fishing


Interview with fishing funny man Dave Mercer at Calgary, Alberta’s Bass Pro Shop March 26 2011. Dave was kind enough to give his time to me and sit and chat about fishing and his television show. Watch as we share a few laughs and talk about sport fishing.

Float Fishing With Rapala’s

[youtube][/youtube]Fishing Rapala’s For Big Rainbows

My family and I decided to fish this Sunday that just passed. We floated the Bow River in search of Browns and Rainbows that occupy this river. It has taken me until today to write this post so sorry for the delay. I brought the movie camera along and my girlfriend was kind enough to be my camera woman for the day. I am planning a video series on fishing rivers with various types of fishing tackle being featured. A few weeks back was the practice run for this series of videos.

I am hoping to get the first two videos of the series filmed before the snow flies here in Alberta. As we locals know the time is ticking. The video above is me chucking a Brown Trout Rapala into the banks of the Bow River. The fish were going nuts for this proven lure from Rapala. The lure is a countdown CD-9 and has a very tight wobble which looks very life like to sport fish!

Please watch the video and share it with your friends!!!! Leave some feedback on the Blog as to what you would like to see featured, lures, spinners etc.

Click “Watch In High Quality” while on YouTube for a better viewing experience.

Thank you.

Pike Action

The past weekend my brother and I went fishing for some pike, at Canal Lake, which is located in the Kawartha region of Ontario, Canada. We fished from shore casting a variety of baits to see what the fish wanted. A little tip for fishing from shore is using a lure that can be thrown a long distance. A lure that can cast further gives you a better advantage because it always you to cover more water.

Spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits was our lure of choice. Fishing was a little slow because of the funny weather we have been having with an inconsistency of warmth, which is needed to really get those fish in a feeding frenzy. Lipless crankbaits worked the best and produced numbers of fish but no lunkers were caught. The way we worked the bait was casting it out as far as we can and reeling the lure in at a steady retrieve just over submerged weeds. We used 7’MH crankbait casting rods and 7.0:1 burner reels. Our reels were spooled up with 14lbs fluorocarbon line. Another tip that I would suggest is use a fluorocarbon line conditioner I can’t stress enough how much it helps with reducing bird nests and the prevention of line coiling.

All though we did not catch any fish to be bragging about we still had a fun day out on the water. Any day of fishing beats any day at home. Not catching “Big Bertha” is only motivation to go out fishing again.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!


“You Have Too Many Lures…”

“You Have Too Many Lures…”

“You have too many lures, you don’t need any more!” Is a phrase that I hear from my family and my friends when they find out I purchased new fishing lures. But are they right to say that I do in fact have too many lures? To be honest, they are partially right because line, hook, and worm would do just fine. After all, it is the most trust worthy bait ever used.

However, fishing for me is more then just sitting and waiting with a worm under a bobber for a fish to bite. I enjoy pitching a jig, ripping a jerkbait, and skipping a finesse worm under a dock. Lures offer more opportunities to catch fish. They are designed to imitate the real thing and to be used as a tool to hunt for those fish. The key word in the previous sentence is hunt. Lures allow you to go out and find the fish. Whereas, when using live bait you are sitting and waiting for the fish too bite.

I’m a collector and I enjoy seeing my tackle trays being filled with various types of lures. And it is only fitting that I do fall victim to the latest bass fishing trends. More notably, the swimbait trend. These giant lures with the most realistic paint finishes are a different lure then from prior years. Who knows maybe the next lure you by may be worth a pretty penny in the future.

Yet, the main reason as to why I purchase lures comes bake to fishing and catching more fish. I want to be prepared for any situation that nature throws at me. Whether it’s a lake that is clear or dirty or even filled with weeds I want to have lures that will best be fit for each situation. The key is being able to use the right lure in the right situation. You can’t use a hammer to screw in a 4 inch screw. It is important to have the right tools for the job.

The bottom line is that I buy so many lures because I realize that there is no one lure that can catch fish and be used all the time. Different situations call for different lures. This is a hard concept for the weekend angler to grasp. However, once an individual embraces the sport they too, like a bass, will fall victim to a new lure.

‘Till next time: May your hook sets be Massive and your fish be Monsters!

Peter Natev

Giant Marlin gets eaten by Godzilla.


Here are three great fishing videos.

1-Permit on a Fly – So rare. It’s been called the holy grail of saltwater fishing.


2-Fly fishing for Bluefin Tuna- Great video, sunshine, relaxing music & great technique.


3- Everyone’s favorite fishing video


Fishing is hardcore…and I’ve got the videos to prove it.

You think fishing is all about lounging lazily in a row boat, waiting for a fish to bite?
Well, think again. I’ve spent a few hours on YouTube and got 5 of the most awesome fishing videos.
Bet you won’t be able to convince yourself that fishing is boring after watching these clips.

5. Unbelievable catch!

What’s more hardcore than catching a marlin? Catching a marlin while fishing from a jet ski.


4. Lucky Fishermen.
Two fishermen out on the lake nearly die thanks to a maniacal pilot!


3. Fishing Bloopers.Fishing Bloopers: “A compilation of hilarious fishing mishaps. Apparently it’s harder to hold a wriggling fish than you’d think…”


2. Low Blow.Balls + jumping fish = pain.


1. Torch Fishing.
Definitely an excellent method of catching an insane amount of fish within minutes.